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I used to use Plusnet years ago when they were known as Force9 for 56k and later ISDN, if they are even half as good now as they were then, then they will still be awesome :)!! Loads og goodies with their stuff to if you have the inclanation for all those sorta things or if you'll use them :)!!

I actually went with BT (euughh, spit, cough lol) for my dsl too, but I don't use the modem they supply and I haven't installed ANY of their Software AT ALL either (I like my PC to run how I like it too rofl).

I run the BT Service through the Router listed in my Specs, it's fast and extremely reliable (which even I was suprised at for BT admittedly lol)!! I haven't been disconnected once, and despite them not using Static IP's on the Home accounts at present (allegedly they are planning to assign Static IP's soon), I have retained the same IP for the last 3 months by making sure that 1 computer has remained connected whilst I rebooted another lol. They haven't complained about this at all and my computers are on 24/7 too with data always going in and out too, and lots of it an all hehe :)!! All in all, no complaints on the dsl front against BT here (yet) lol!!!

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