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I am basically "played out" on the main maps from GR, IT, and DS. Between the main campaigns, mods, and multiplayer gametime, I am desparate for new maps! Can anyone recommend a spot where I can download some custom maps? Doesn't even need to have missions! I am mainly interested in them for multiplayer games with friends.

Also, PLEASE dont recommend map packs that overwrite my original maps. The last time I tried a map pack (a scuba stever pack) it overwrote all my original maps without asking me first! I had to do a complete reinstall to get going again and I lost my campaign.


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The download section here has all kind of good maps. Try 10mm's map pack V1.1 if you want some good maps for MP. Frostbite also has some great maps. ;) MLP map pack V2.0 is another good collection.

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