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USB headset

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From the Logitech FAQ (as they are the manufacturer of the SOCOM PS2 headset:

Q:  What is the difference between a USB and an analog microphone?

A:  A USB microphone is digital, so it does not suffer from line noise, resulting in higher quality input. USB microphones also act as their own sound cards. When you plug in a USB microphone, the operating system automatically detects and enables it as your primary recording device. You can access the microphone settings in the Control Panel of your operating system.  When you unplug your USB microphone, your operating system will automatically enable your primary sound card/recording/onboard device again.

In essence, when you plug the headset in, Windows routes all audio to your 'new soundcard'. There's no facility that I know of that would allow you to selectively send certain audio signals to the headset, and others to your regular sound card, except for the options in certain applications.

You might have luck by setting your audio control panel to use your normal card as the default, and then possibly the comms application you are using may have the ability to selectively set the headset as the device it uses.

For example, in Teamspeak 2, under the Options, you can choose which audio device to use. If your CP is using your normal card by default, and TS2 is using the headset, your speakers will give you in-game sounds, while your headset gets TS2-related sounds.

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Don't know what kinda sound card ya have but on my Audigy 2 ZS in the sound options off the control panel I have a tab for voice where I can set the input/output for voice thru the headset rather than the sound card also.

I had to play with that as well as the settings in TS for it to work for me, though it may be different for your system.

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