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Card Reader - built into CD Drive!


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I saw it was better than my new one because it has 7 card reader slots right below the tray! What an awesome idea, and I missed out on it  :(

I wouldn't be too upset about missing out. There is currently a major problem with card readers not being able to keep up with the frequent technology changes in the media. I just read this excellent article about this issue over at PC World:


"Last year I bought a "universal" memory card reader. A month later Sony announced its Memory Stick Pro. All of a sudden my reader wasn't universal anymore. Pick a stick, any stick: Memory Stick, Memory Stick Select, Memory Stick Duo, MagicGate Memory Stick, or Memory Stick Pro Duo. Now tell me whether it works properly with the devices you own or want."

Unfortunately, storage media and readers have poor standardization and documentation when you buy them, so it's hard to tell if a card reader from last year may be able to read a higher-density version of the same storage media released this year.

IMHO, the best bet is just to use an external card reader for your particular storage media you use with your digital camera, etc.

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Yeh that's a good point and I did wonder about that a little, as I am aware that even shortly after I bought my Fuji camera, they brought out a new storage medium - so they do tend to bring out new formats alot. So maybe it is best to use a cheap usb reader.

It's still a neat idea :thumbsup:

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I know as a gimmiky kinda thing, sony released a mouse with a memory stick port in it:


but i dont think it was optical, and just generally crap.

Another thing, in the paper today i saw a laptop that had a whole lot of card reading slots instead of a floppy drive :wacko:

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