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I don't think it's needed. You should be able to tell someone something, in such as way, that it doesn't get too heated.

It's too easy for people to get aggresive on the net, as they know that when they want out of it, all they have to do is to turn off their internet connection.

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I don't start flame wars - I FINISH THEM!!

Good way to get a flame war started here is to mention H&D2 and CoD in the same thread. Or just mention Worms 3D.... :shifty:

I'm speaking from experience....

A no I DID NOT start any of the H&D2 vs COD flame wars. Nor did I start the W3D flame war. I can't help it that you guys don't play decent games :whistle:


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And once again, Godwin's Law is invoked.

lol! cracking stuff.

so what about a thread entitled "The Rise and Fall of National Socialism in Germany 1929-1945 - Discuss"

Wouldnt get very far eh?


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