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.:NCM:. mission mod coming soon

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As some of you know we are working on a mission mod set in Corsica. We have changed the name of the mod (again!) to: Full Intention: Fading Hope.

Fading Hope is part one. And Full Intention is going tpo be a 3 part mission mod and each of the parts are set in different in different countries.

Work on the missions has just started, and I'm working on the new skins.

You take control of a future Counter Terrorism force known only as: "Legion of Doom". Your squad will sometimes get help from the 2nd regiment of French paras stationed at Calvi (in north Corsica) and also from other platoons in the Legion of Doom.

You are sent to silence the FLNC (Front de Liberation Nationale de la Corse) and their rivala, the Armata Corsa. Both terrorist organisations are just like the IRA, so you won't be up against any tanks etc. It's not going to be easy, as there are going to be quite a few "unforseen consequences" in the mission mod. Also there will be "new concept" briefings....

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Right now, my old mission modder is working on the missions for me. You will need to hold though, as my mission modder is not always online when he should be, so some things I wanna I want to do in the missions don't get done. If he decides to go AWOL, or not do the missions or something to that extent, I will let ya know. Then you will be able to take over where he left off.

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