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I was all set to buy an intel cpu and intel mobo.  Then, for the heck of it, I decided to start reading some testing results on the Athlon64 3200+.

I think in the end the choice between an Intel and AMD system depends on your needs, and personality to some extent ;)

This is how I currently think of things when people ask me about an Intel vs. AMD system:


- P4 generally still best for video editing, video compression speeds

- P4 with an Intel chipset based mobo very stable (i875P is a great choice if you can afford it)

- P4 Northwoods (sub-3GHz) generally run cool and quiet. However, as En4rcement said, the new Prescotts run really hot and stock fans are quite noisy - this will hopefully improve as Intel continually revises later "steppings" of the Prescott architecture.

- HyperThreading may become more useful once apps are optimized for it. I've always wanted to burn a CD while playing a game :P


- Since the Athlon came out, they've been the best gaming platform for your buck

- Good for the enthusiast market who like to overclock (However, P4 Northwoods are well-favored for this now)

- AMD generally relies on 3rd party chipsets, some of them not the most stable (but this is much better lately). If I got an AMD system, I'd get an NVidia chipset.

- Athlon XPs have a reputation for running quite hot, which required more cooling, which isn't great for those that like quiet computing. However, the Athlon64 runs relatively cool considering how powerful it is.

- Athlon 64 systems' bus speeds currently beat Intel's with AMD's HyperTransport and the memory controller integrated into the CPU.

- Athlon64 perhaps more "future proof" as we see more 64-bit apps on the horizon, but widespread acceptance likely still years away (basically once Microsoft puts out a stable 64-bit OS).

So based on the above, I personally will be putting together a P4 system for my next comnputer as I don't generally overclock, prefer a stable quiet system, and plan to do some video-editing/PVR stuff.

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just my 2 cents

I have always loved gigabyte boards never had an issue with them. that said I really dont think it matters what main stream brand mother board you get. just the goodies you get with it.

amd vs intel

again what floats your boat. typicaly amd is the gammer processor with the 512 l2 cache I always thought intel as the workhorse type processor. there are thousands of websites that can give you all the hype but that has been the trend gammer or workhorse. what fits you best. I myself am an avid AMD guy. but I game I dont do "work". do what fits you best at your cost range. Unfortunately my boss paid 150 more dollars for a new processor just because he wanted the intel name. he said thats what all companies buy. (dont be my boss, buy what fits you! :thumbsup: not a name)

Last but not least


in all the upgrades I have ever gotten duel channel ddr is the best 300 dollars I have ever spent. I have a gig pc 3200 duel channel and have literally had photoshop , gr and had star wars galactic battlegrounds running at the same time. Have ever played 2 games at once and alt tabed between them? I have! and had no lag problems. I cant hype about it enough get it.

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For what Rocky is looking at (i875P mobo) he must get two sticks of RAM for it to work properly -- either 2 x DDR400=800MHz FSB or 2 x DDR266 = 533-MHz System Bus. This chipset doesn't support just running 1 stick of RAM.

Pretty much all high-end chipsets use dual channel these days.

The question is whether to pay for "matched" pairs (pre-tested for maximum compatibility) of DIMMs :P

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