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Appreciate your Computer!


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Here's my rant to you all, as to why you should love your PC right now...

I'm typing this on an ancient PC... 386, 32M RAM, 1GB HD... it's crap.

Anyway, allow me to recap my history of my pc for you all.

-August 2002 -> Ruin moves into new place, cable ready... oh yeah! But, my PC wont support Ethernet... So, I go an buy a NIC card. ###### Joe who built my PC in Lebanon welded the expansion slots shut. So, my dad and I tinker away at the case with a hammer, ice pick and soldering iron... Well, that equals a fried mobo.

-September - Novemeber 2002 -> Ruin finally recieves new parts. Grabbed a new Mobo, More Ram, Bigger processor and new case to fix old PC. All gooes well for a while. Oh, this costs me about $350

- February - March 2003 -> Ruin's Mobo goes. First the built in ethernet goes to craps... so I use the one that I bought for the old setup to use. Alright, that's good. About 2 weeks later, the onboard graphics go (no shiny Radeon at this point). Well, that does it in. I open up the PC, tinker with it... fry another mobo... f-ack.

- March - April 2003 -> After some convincing, I get my parents to order my (semi) current PC -check sig. Total cost of the new rig is $860 (if you're keeping score, that's a total of $1160). I managed to salvage the 60GB HD that I bought for the first PC I mentioned. So, now I have spiffy new stuff for an awesome price.

- February 2004 -> Ruin's ######. :wall: PSU on the year old case decideds to die. Haha ha, very funny. No biggy, I grab my old PSU from the case I bought to replace the one that was soldered shut. Alright, I've completely removed the old PSU, and hooked up the other one. Everything apppears to be good... my mom is watching.

"Alright, ready?" She says: "Yup"

I hit the power button...


I look down at my hard drive and see some wonderful sparks and smoke just coming off of it... *######* I think to myself... Not good... but the mobo works! :) lol... So, I try it again, everything but BOTH hard drives work... what a load.

Well, now I've priced some new parts. The necessity is a new hard drive (about $100). But, because the PSU I have that isn't dead is so old and shotty, I need to replace it... so, I might as well grab a new case.

All said and done, I'm looking at about $300 worth of stuff again.

Grand total, $1460

This is minus the money I've spent on software issues, this is stricly hardware.

So, love the PC you have now, because it can always get worse. If you're ticked because you have a 2G Athalon and 512M RAM, deal with it :P It can be a lot worse *smacks the 386* For pete's sake, I'm typing faster than this thing can keep up with. I'll stop and watch my text fly across the screen.

Anyway, there's my PC rant. I love em, but they're cruel to me.

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@NY, it wasn't the case fan that stopped, lol... I'm guessing it was the PSU fan... lol. :lol:

@Crimson, dude, I swear, I don't know what my problem is. This is annoying.

Surge protector wont help much, now, if there was a "Ruin Protector", that would be better. :)

@XO, That's what the sticker on the case says. So does the file that f00ks up at start, lol. I dunno, I don't care, it's not my PC. :)

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Well, first computer went cool, but, upgrade time comes, so rand new shiny computer comes!!

First problem, win ME is ######, fixed with XP.

2nd problem, modem doesnt work, go yell at the comp shop that built it, they fix it.

3rd problem: While installing burner, a staple falls into graphics card.

Start computer, PCU fan dont work, creates panic.

Turns out staple short curcuits graphics card, new crad required.

4th problem, i get angry. and kick computers side. This create disturbing grinding noise. Kick computer on other side, fixed.

5th problem, constant freezes and crap, take to shop, they waffle on about drivers. Problem not fixed, until i rip out CD drive, fixed.

I now have a damaged PCU fan, a CD drive that sits in my computer, prevenging dust from getting in (use burner as drive now), and everything else is crap. The best part of the comp is my new mouse.

@Ruin, hmmmm, hard drive fire, did you get any files back??

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Ive had a computer of some sort since about 1986/87 (commodore Plus4!) and my current rig for about 2 years now - and had barely a problem. My original MoBo on my current PC blew about a year ago...but it was a lousy PC Chips thing that needed to die painfully anyway, and was quickly sorted with a replacement. Apart from that...nothing has gone amiss. Must just be luck - as some folk have had mountains of hassle in the same period - Stormcrow would know about that..eh? :P .

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Guest SI-Prozac

to keep from frying stuff.. thermal compound

and fast fans and read your manuals before hooking up mobos.

set bios correctly .. BUY Compatible hardware and shouldnt have all thoes problems

Edited by SI-Prozac
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I have been rather lucky over the years. I have only had 2 parts fail (or wear out) on me and that was a CD-ROM (just wore the damn thing out playing RS I guess) and a PSU that wouldn't start up (I guess it failed on shutdown, I don't know and am glad it didn't take anything else with it).

I guess I have been rather blessed in this high tech department considering that I hate trying to fix computer related problems on cars (my regular field). Not bad for 3 1/2 years eh?

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@Firefly, it is custom built. :(

@SN, nope.

@Prozac, none of my stuff was high end enough to need thermal compound...

@DR, dude, it's just my luck. I have this odd tendancy to find any problem possible. I treat my PC great: Ran defrags and scandisks regularly, ran a virus scan and adware/spyware scan weekly...

I think my major issue was heat, and not being able to do anything about it... that's obviously what happened to the PSU. The HD was an added effect that no one wanted :wall:

All of that stuff was irreplacable. *sigh* Back to the old drawin board.

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I'm not so sure it was the heat. If your AMD Baron, which tends to run hot, was at 60*, your board temp should be relatively low, and probably your PSU also. Does your fried PSU have two ball bearing fans, or are they just sleeve like things that most self PC's have?

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4th problem, i get angry. and kick computers side. This create disturbing grinding noise. Kick computer on other side, fixed.

Now that's a high tech solution! :P

Since i posted that i opened up my case for fun (doing computer architecture at school).

I had a look at the processor fan, and almost crapped self.

It seams my kick disloged a small clip. The fan was hitting the heat sink, that was the noise, the fan now rests on a strange angle, with the central motor case supported by the heat sink.

And i didnt win the "most likely to break PC in anger" forum award <_<

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Thanks guys. :)

Just waiting on the cash to get the parts now... *sigh* As always.

@Crimson, My CPU and Mobo is fine, it's just the PSU that went out. And I'd tell you about the fans, but the thing is in a dump somewhere in NC, lol. It was cheap (the case and PSU was $35), so that's an issue.

The moral of the story.

EVERY COMPONENT in a PC has a purpose, and EVERY COMPONENT can easily end your PC's life, lmao!

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