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what's your self defense/offense move?..


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Guest SI-Prozac

kick to the right knee and a jab to the left face ... then run like hell

or the bruce lee type stuff... go with their throws .... wait for a punch grab his arm .. throw him towards u and meet his face with an elbow.

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hmmm...last time I practiced anything like this it went something in this order:

1: recieve elbow to face, splitting eyebrow. :huh:

2: recieve right fist in gut, ending up doubled over. :blink:

3: notice kick to face just in time to avoid getting hit, resulting in so far lucky ###### loosing balance. :P

4: Introducing his left kidney to my right fist, doubling him over :devil:

5: finishing things off with an allmighty kick to morons rear end, sending him flying into a shrubbery. :thumbsup:

Can't really advocate this approach though as it took 5 stitches to close my left eyebrow the following morning, need I say both me and the other party was more than a little drunk.

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1. About face.

2. Right leg forward.

3. Left leg forward.

4. Repeat 2-3 increasing speed as fast as possible.

this from the martial arts master? surprising

Not surprising at all.

Running like hell has been a favourite self defense move for thousands of years. You can stand and fight, and wait for his mates to arrive, or you can hide round the back and wait until they have gone.

Although next time, I'm going to try syncos idea. If you don't see me after Friday, you will know I am in the critical ward.

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If pre-emptive strikes are allowed:

1) Ask a silly question - "Yoghurt or cheese?"

2) Chinjab to jaw whilst thug considers answer. Unconsiousness will result every time.

3) Run.

If the fertiliser has hit the fan:

1) Grab neck with both hands and draw head into my chest.

2) Knee everything until he falls over unconscious.

3) Run.

If I am scared for my life and escape isn't an option:

1) Grab neck. Squeeze hard.


1) Stick thumb in eye. Remove eye. Repeat.


1) Smile blandly

2) Push head back with left hand, smiling blandly

3) Stab the abdomen repeatedly, smiling blandly.

Being imaginative isn't the trick. Keep it simple, keep it offensive, keep it to yourself until you need it.

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I favor chi-chi-pow, a 3-step maneuver guaranteed to stop your opponent.

1 - chi: draw hammer fully to the rear.

2 - chi: - squeeze trigger

3 - POW!

Hehe - OK, in all seriousness, I don't think the question can really be answered with just one maneuver, because there are alot of things that can be done. However, a thumb to the eye and a heel-of-the-hand to the collar bone is a nice way to say "Leave me the heck alone."

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