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nVidia's Partners


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My nVidia has been acting up lately. Yesterday I decided to restore my system because there was way to much stuff I didn't use on it. Anyway it took me five hours to finally install the card and it took me another 5 hours to get it working right. The second 5 hours probably wasn't the cards fault because the fix was simple. All I did was swap my sound card and video card PCI slots. Both of them worked fine. :wall:

But I have an old ATI Radeon 7000 that took me two minutes to install and have it working.

Don't get me wrong I love the card because it has done wonderful things for my games but it shouldn't have caused that much of a problem.

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Who are nVidia's best partners?

Internationally, MSI is Nvidia's "best" Tier 1 partner since they have resisted selling graphics cards with ATI's chips on them. That means MSI gets preferential treatment, and will likely be the first company to release vid cards with next-gen Nvidia chips on them.

ASUS is also a Tier 1 graphics board maker, but Nvidia isn't as happy with them since they started making Radeon cards too. They will get Nvidia's chips, but their boards will likely come out a little later than MSI's. Traditionally, ASUS' graphics cards are recognized as top quality and usually among the best performers.

In the U.S., Nvidia's closest partner now is BFG. Previously it was VisionTek until they almost went bankrupt after some staff left them to form BFG. VisionTek was later bought over by another company and now sells ATI cards.

Following the graphics card business the last few years is like following a soap opera :wacko:

Leadtek traditionally makes top-rated cards too.

In the last year with top-end Nvidia cards, besides price and performance, a purchase decision now also depends on how much space you have in your case, and also your tolerance for noise coming out of your case. Some companies cooling solutions are much quieter than others. Some brand's top-end cards take up two expansion slots because of a large fan.

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