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BLOODY RAMADAN (Islamic Holiday): TERRORISM OUT OF CONTROL. Unpredictable Explosions in Turkey, Iraq, Indonesia, Colombia, and random threats world-wide leave world jittery. Suicide bombers' victims multiplying in various counterinsurgencies. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations funding continues globally because of lack of enforcement. TERRORIST METHODS are as elusive as perpetrators, including expected use of cargo planes as missiles, surface-to-air-missiles, pirate ships, and weapons of mass destruction


AL-QAEDA-linked group, al-Islah, warns U.S. Muslims to flee New York, D.C. and L.A. to avoid major terror attacks. TERRORISM DRILLS with 1,000 Americans and Mexicans from 60 agencies in Arizona. INDICTED: Pentagon's Islamic chaplain head charged with money-laundering and supporting Osama bin Laden and Hamas. SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE blasts CIA and other intelligence for overstating terrorism case against Saddam. SENATE Intelligence Committee releases conflicting report, linking Saddam and Osama and 9-11.


BOMB WARNINGS: Japanese "to be trampled under the feet of the combatants of Allah" if THEY send troops to Iraq (AFP). FIRST DEPLOYMENT of troops since WWII divides the public.


DRUG/WEAPONS exchange between North Korea and Myanmar suspected. "Small arms ammunition, artillery and missiles" sent to Mynamar.


INTELLIGENCE LEAKS suspected, providing info to al-Qaeda of U.S. diplomatic and military facilities hosting 37,000 U.S. troops.


COCA COLA EXEC kidnapped and murdered; one of 100 abductions in 2003 by rebel terrorists to discourage corporate investments.


PUBLIC ENEMY #1, Fugitive Zulkarnaen, chief of JI terrorists with "Laskar Khos" (special force) of 300 Indonesians trained in Afganistan and Philippines plans to bomb tourist hotel and U.S. bank. TERROR TARGET LIST found listing U.S. banks, hotels and schools.


WARNINGS from al-Qaeda that "cars of death" would not stop because of its involvement in Iraq and East Timor.


URBAN-WARFARE ESCALATES. Tons of explosives seized. NGOs allegedly provide safe haven for FARC in neutral zones created for refugees. Bogota bars in Zona Rosa attacked; 1 dead 73 wounded.


ARAB MERCENARY leader in Chechnya threatens terrorist attacks in Russian military facilities in other Islamic enclaves. 25 Russian troop fatalities monthly in Chechnya.


STING results in arrests of two Slovaks selling seven pounds of radioactive material for $700,000. Fears mount that terrorists might access smuggled radioactive material for dirty bomb.


HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS MOURN largest military loss since WWII. 19 carabiniere police and soldiers killed in Iraq in suicide bombing of military base in Nasiriyah, Sadaam's hometown. EXPELLED: 7 Moroccan and Algerians suspected of terrorist links


UNKOSHER WAR. Wild pigs with "advanced sense of smell" much better than that of dogs, OK'd by Rabbis for patrol hogs sniffing infiltrators and explosives tests. FRINGE BENEFIT: terrify and outrage Muslims touch unclean hogs be "denied 70 virgins in heaven." (Israel Insider)


COMPOUND BOMBING HITS WRONG TARGET? 17 dead 122 injured, mainly ex-pat Arabs. U.S. intelligence gives timely warning, shuts embassy. Speculation terrorists believed FBI occupied target.


U.S. EMBASSY closed after "credible threat" in "terrorist haven" and "state sponsor of terrorism." GOVERNMENT denies Hamas and Islamic Jihad, hosted in Khartoum, are terror groups, calling them "liberators"


BRIT COMMANDOS (Army SAS and Navy SBS) arrive. RED CROSS closes headquarters after 12 killed in headquarters bombing. ITALIAN MILITARY HEADQUARTERS blown-up by suicide bombers. OPERATION IVY CYCLONE. U.S. troops retaliate with 500 pound bombs dropped from F-16s and on-the-ground raids. BLACK HAWKS DOWN: Five U.S. helicopters downed by hostile fire in three weeks, killing 39 troops.


FRENCH UN worker assassinated in her car. 12 aid workers killed in seven months. NEW CONSTITUTION declares no law can contradict Islam and sheds gloom on women's rights, allowing four wives concurrently.


ISTANBUL BOMBINGS. Two synagogues blown up by two vans with 400 kg. explosives, killing 25, injuring 300. British Consulate and HSBC Bank buildings blown-up, coinciding with Bush's visit to England. Over 27 dead, 400 injured. OUTRAGED JUSTICE MINISTER tells West it ignored Turkish struggle against terrorism and harbored Kurdish PKK "terrorists" during 15 year terrorist insurgency that killed 36,000.


INSURGENT MAOIST COMMUNIST PARTY declared as national-security threat to U.S. Maoist insurgency cost nearly 5,000 lives since 1990.

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dont like the sounds of that

East Timor has been a thorn in Al Aq's backside for ages, they have been mentioning Australia in there Rheretoric from day one.

Osama mentioned us in his first speeches post 9/11 and also in every video since then. He wasn't too impressed with our lads getting stuck into his mates.

Bali bombings are an example of the hate we have generated in leading the East Timor Op- it's worth it but most people don't realise that East Timor has stuck into the guts of a lot of the radical Islamic groups and the damage our boys have done to the network makes us hardly the most loved country by Al Qaeda.

BTW Silentnight Thank you very much for the Sig and Avatar.

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