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Year of the Monkey progress shots

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Peanut_Budder Posted on Feb 22 2004, 17:49


any update on this guys? 

To put it bluntly, there are updates every day, we just arent showing them to anyone. :P

Thank you for the continued interest, this will be a quality mod and with the small mod team we have its taking a considerable amount of time to finish.

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This Pics looking so great, i love Jungle Environments more than others. Hope, Release is near, need some INPUT... :)

BTW, how many Maps will be inside ?

How many new Chrs ?

How many new Weapons ?

If you need Help with Missionscripting or other Stuff, send me an PM or email. Mayby i am able to help.

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7-10 new maps, plus environment/lighting variations as well as minor tweaking for a few of these maps.

I will have to let someone else answer questions regarding .chrs, weapons, etc. These are all done as far as I know but may require a little bit of fine tuning still. The new .chrs and weapons are outstanding, I will say that.

Personally I think that mission scripting will begin very soon and from then on out its just finishing the details on the maps and testing.

There is a possibility that we will be needing some help with the missions as we have an entire campaign planned. I would estimate this to be 7-10 missions total to coincide with the maps and a couple of their variations. Anyone with a serious interest is more than welcome to let us know. We'd prefer experienced mission scripters, mainly due to the simple fact that we've(I've) spent enough time with the learning curve on map making and we'd like to get this mod out sometime before this year of the monkey(2004) is over. ;)

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Here is my part..

the mod centers around Navy SEAL operations in Vietnam.

-Completly new standard characters with variations for all classes

-12 brand new specialists..including SEALs as well as members from different units

-Brand new era authentic weapons for all classes, including unique weapons for specialists

-Brand new vehicles including Mobile Riverine boats, UH-1 Huey, and F-4 Phantom

-Enemy VC and NVA characters with authentic Vietnamese voices

-authentic enemy weapons

-Civilian Vietnamese characters

Thats really just a taste test of whats inside..Like Sleeper said earlier...in reality, there are updated every day..you guys just dont know about them

We'll start trying to make en effort to let you guys in on more though. thanks for the continued interest.

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i can't wait for this mod to come out. it's about time a vietnam war mod came around. i will definetly be downloading this one. just one question. what about the enemy an user skins on this, will there be VC and NVA and the ARVN troops? as well as our soldiers and marines?

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I don't remember seeing any ARVN troops in the roster. The mod focuses on behind the lines special ops so you'll see mostly VC and some NVA.

I'm scripting the first mission right now. Depending on how the next couple of days go, I could be on mission 2 but who knows...

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I wasn't aware that the ARVN did anything in the war. ;) I'm pretty sure they won't be doing anything in this mod.

SEALs, 1st Cav, VC, and NVA is what you'll be seeing.

I would like to touch up on this a little. The specialists in the mod are primarily from other units..including one Vietnamese Interpreter. SEALs used interpreters from many sources..including the ARVN, Civilians who do this so they wont be drafted into the ARVN, and on rare occasion..Americans with Vietnamese backgrounds. I didnt specify on this specialist...so use your imagination ;)

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nothing to worry about. The team's modding in full swing right now.

is it still like that right now?

QUOTE (Whisper_44 @ Sep 8 2004, 15:33 )

QUOTE (Biro @ Sep 8 2004, 08:15 )

some old good vietnam mood musics! 

A little Jimi Hendrix perhaps???? 

Henrdix was good, but we'd need CCR's Run Through the Jungle for that special atmosphere. 

The ones in Battlefield Vietnam aint bad..
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