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Year of the Monkey progress shots

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Cant wait for this :)

.. I notice audio is mentioned on the site, what kind of audio will be added to the mod?

For example I understand weapons/music etc, is there anything being added like original radio chatter / death screams & voices / jungle ambience (apart from using IT set of samples).

Dont get me wrong its a massive undertaking and Im happy with whatever comes but will there be any modding for that kind of audio?

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Good news indeed.

This would be about the only reason I could think of re-installing GR to this rig :yes:

And speaking of server arrangements. If needed I could help out with hosting it or atleast providing an alternative download place, alittle bit depending on size ofcource.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm proud to announce that Year of the Monkey is now available for download.

Get it HERE!!!!

Be sure to keep watch on the forums as dedicated MP servers will be online this weekend for some Team and Coop play.

Thanks for the loyalty and patience for what we hope you'll think is an awesome TC for Ghost Recon 1

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To keep things organised I have split this thread up into a pre-release discussion and a post release discussion. It'll help folks find what they are looking for without wading through 20 odd pages.

The Post release discussion thread can be found here, please use this to discuss YOTM after it has been released.

Technical and Mission Help Thread

And remember the official YOTM website also has forums - here.

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