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Year of the Monkey progress shots

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some shots of the NVA T-54 Tank I have been working on:

BTW..Texture completely handpainted

A shot of just some of the playable characters..Some Standard, Some Specialists

More to come soon.

Wow!..awesome textures and models! Very cool stuff :thumbsup:

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6 new maps. 3 of these also have night/day versions. That's 9 total I guess. Plus another map that I haven't finished yet. One of the maps was made by El Oso.

One thing I would like to add is that the maps that have day/night versions, there are differences in the maps other then just time of day settings. So its not like your playing the exact same map verbatim.

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Nice interview on the frontpage there.

The screenshots look great, show a lot of attention to detail and ooses with quality and determination.

This has been my most anticipated mod for quite some time now (together with Trainride ofcourse :P) and I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest, once it's released.

I applaude to the entire team to stick with it and making this a beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Good work guys! :thumbsup:

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