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New Features .. wish list

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i think most thinkable features are already suggested... :huh:

i don't care so much for the visual effects like weather-changes... most of the time playin' im more busy keeping my men alive and finish my objectives then watching the pretty snow falling out of the sky.....

i do prefer the gameplay features like mentioned by different people...

like the ability to open a closed door by creating a new one with your M136 :rolleyes:

or the feature to lose your weapon when your nearby an explosion and you've to pick it up yourself....

those type of features will improve the realism of the game and that's what it's all about, right ?!

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- A Secondary Skill or Ablility for each Spec. essentially meaning One Primary and One Secondary Skill for each OP.


Medic ( Would Stabilize a Wounded Spec. for EVAC )

AirCraft Pilot

Door Gunner

Tank Driver


Tank Commander

Firing Solutions Officer

APV Driver

ELINT ( Electronics Intelligence )

RTO ( Radio Terminal Operator )


- As close as is Possible RW Depictions of Current Theatres of Operation in the Maps, the Missions, and the Tangos.








South Korea


- Driveable Vehicles or Aircraft in SP and MP ( Within Reason ).

- The Possibility for a Specialist to Operate a Vehicle or Craft based on their Chosen Secondary Skill if applicable.

- Ability to call for IMMED. EVAC ( See below ).

- Ability to call in Arty ( Only The Squad Leader would be able to do this and Only if the C.O. has a Specialist with the Secondary Skill of RTO, in the Squad. Additionally - This would only happen if the C.O. and the RTO were in close proximity to each other. The RTO would then crouch next to the C.O. facing away from Him and the C.O. would then and only then be able to use the Terminal to call in Arty / EVAC ).

- No more SITUs like » AI Spins 180 Degrees and then like a T2 HeadShoots You right in the Left eye « The AI MUST aim just like the Rest of Us or They miss You - Simple...


- Climbing Capabilities.

- Jumping Capabilities.

- More Modability, although what We have is already Smokin'. More of the same I say...

- Random Weather.

- Scalable Enemy Strength on a Map by Map and Mission by Mission Basis.

- TEAM Voice-Over COMM.


Let Me think up a Few More.



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On the subject of picking up a fallen enemy's (or comrades), we need to divide weapon skills up into rifle, rocket, machine gun etc... Then if you lose the rocket guy, someone can take his weapon. maybe they will have a penalty to stabilization time or something that effects accuracy because they're not necessarily as good at it as the specialist. same goes for any weapon just picked up.

This is a more RPG style element and could mean just more slots to allocate points to, but then users could always skip with the 'assign points automatically' key.

BTW I gave more thought to my non-linear campaign idea. It's posted in general mod topics if you want to add to it.

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* u should have an option to lay a trip-wire for a clay or use detonator, use a timer or detonator for demos. the laying down and detonator button should be different so u can lay one the fire it off or lay two then fire. also the demo guys in GR need more stuff to play with like prime-o-cored and shape carges/C4.

* i think there should be a basic and advance kit selection screen. one for people who dont really care for kit selections then the advance for people like me. i dont really want a 4 slot selection setup like R6 instead make it so number of one type of stuff limits the number of the other kits and vice versa. like if u remove some of your gun mags u can take more claymores and also vice versa. i want to be able to have a demo guy carry a M4A1with 8 mags, a M9 with 4 clips, 2 demos, 2 claymores, and some prime-o-cored ( i did say earlier i wanted more stuff for demo guys)

* i would also like to see weapon jams and barrel over heating (for all weapons) in GR

* when shot in gear carried on the body it doesnt count as a kill. also add bullets holes in the gear when it is shot and goggles glass cracks or shatters

* map damage from explosives

* better vehicle movement and damage (also takes more than one rocket to kill a tank)

* skills of your guys go up by them selves u dont pick what skills they get points in. skill is reworded by the number a kills a guy make, how much movement/running he did, and how well he accomplished orders, etc.

* in custom mission (also an option for MP host) can play any map in morning, day, dusk, and night and can pick from different environments like artic, winter, spring/summer, tropic (vary from map to map) and each environment should effect weapons jams and stamina.

* longer reload for weapons like the saw (also add so cool reloading effects) and weapons like the AT4 u cant reload u just carry more of them.

* when u run the longer u run the slower u become and the more u run the faster the slow down happens. stamina, weight, and environments should effect this also.

* also for the kit screen make it so u can choose what level of armor a guy has

* for MP be able to pick head gear, knee pads, flake vest, gloves, etc. to make your guy more custom (this may be to much wishful thinking)

* reticules that reflect the real world sights

* Land Warrior but have an option for MP (maybe SP to) to turn it off.

* more realistic training. with training mission that u do stuff that u do in the campaign. it be nice if u could train between missions to.

* flash bangs and tear gas.

* weapon attachments

* keep the basic planing map (but add some stuff to it) and add an advance planning. add so u can tell them to switch ROE at this waypoint and can tell them to hold tell one team (A B C) passes this waypoint.

* make AI better at CQB. if u make them walk sideways around corners more and teach them 1 or 2 CQB tactics they would do 60-70% better.

* enemy AI’s hearing is too accurate and so is there grenade aim

* different AI for different enemies (train army, train rebel, un-train rebel, etc.) that effect accuracy, teamwork, etc.

* more voices so it not like you have the same guy over and over

* make some AI reacted badly to teammates death

* enemy helos and stinger to take them out

* explosion that go off close to u and guns that go off by your head make u hear ringing and/or that hollow room sound (ever one knows what that is right?) for a few seconds (in real life u would most likely hear it for the rest of the mission but that too realistic)

* modable weapon switching time

* i dont think u should be able to pick your BDU’s (maybe the snipers only) but different BDU’s will be given to u for different maps if needed.

* if u r close enough (but far enough not to get killed) from a large explosion u can get knocked off your feet. maybe not for fun when it happen to u but it would be funny to watch it happen to other people :devil:

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Didnt read all the pages, so dont sue me if I repeat some things.

Make the 9mm standerd gear, like binoculars, thats my #1 really, thats why its bold, hehe.

Better AI, but I dont really see the point in saying this since we all know its going to be better anyway.

Diffrent means of getting out of that chopper.

Longer range fighting, I mean it makes me maddish when im standing in the open and a baddie still cant ###### see me, and my boys cant see him.

And this is a wild stretch but, prehaps 8 guys? I just want another MG with me, I ussaly have just 1 in the group. :(

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P.Oglesby Posted: Jan 10 2003, 13:07 PM

1. Bring back name changing while on a server.

this is a bad idea when you need to boot or ban a player that is tk'ing or being disruptive. its hard to do if he can just change his name whenever he wants.

one other thing i would really like to see is real ground cover, long grass in patches not just torso sized clumps. also to be able to crawl into bushes or shrubs for concellment, not just peeking around them. actually this is the main thing i would really like to see since i am a sniper and would love to really be able to hide. :ph34r:

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Here is my 2 cents:

1) Weather, fade in fade out, like everybody else said.

2) Sunrise/set and insertion time: I should be able to select insertion time if I want to and if I spend two hours on a map (from 5 PM till 7 PM), sometimes I do :o= , it would be nice for the sun to set and let me have to turn my NV on.


4)"Watch my back" command.

5) Damage model: If I Shoot a rocket into an outside corner wall of a building that is three stories high and fairly small, that building should at least half way delapitdate upon itself. At least partially. Of course the broader the building the more it would take to really damage it. I am really talking about buildings like in Africa where they don't have hardly any building codes! Also, even if it is a good size sturdy building. I imagine if I take a rocket into the side of it and if there is baddies on the other side, they are toast!

Cars, in real life, these metal jackets go through an engine block, but these cyber bullets can't make it though two car doors. weird!

6)Team AI: Yes I do think my parter should have the common sense enough to shoot that tank without me havign to switch over to him. They shoot baddies, why not tanks.

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Better AI, but I dont really see the point in saying this since we all know its going to be better anyway.

And this is a wild stretch but, prehaps 8 guys? I just want another MG with me, I ussaly have just 1 in the group. :(

Of course AI will be better, how much better?

On the second point I agree totally. Gimmie 8 guys. And if there is a less cumbersome command system, the possibility to split them into 4 teams?

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I woudn`t like drivable vehicles but i would like t get a ride in a BlackHawk and be able to look around and shoot.

Jumping????????? from objects not to objects i hope.

I noticed something people want in general small changes that could be implementd in the 1.5 patch not in a totaly new Game for example M9 as standard weapon.

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I have to be honest, I'm not particularly fussed about being able to drive vehicles...I'd love hot LZs, so that your team is still taking fire even whilst they're all diving into or out of a chopper...or even while they're coming in to land/taken off and gaining height :rocky:

Just a thought...

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This thread have a big bunch of new features, however I dont think those are at all so necessary. Graphical implementations such as weather fade, footprints, snow, wind whatsoever wont make game any better in my opinion. And driveable vechiles? :rolleyes: Driveable vechiles belong to totally other games than to GR maybe? Or blowing holes in buildings? Thats not how special forces work, shooting "own door" with machine gun in middle of firefight on the wall of the building. Or the 'Picking up enemies weapons or dropping own rifle in an explosion' ? ....those are all just some cosmetic issues what got nothing to do with the game so much. I could go with this for hours.


-kits should get rid off, and make the equipment system like it was in Rainbow Six series. (not so critical implementation for gameplay..)

-Bugfixes : More realistic enemy behaviour (lower accuracy, human reactiontime, cannot shoot anymore trough corners).

-Bigger scenarios, 5 times bigger maps. Playing GR now is alot like fish in a barrel, learning every slope and bump in the scenery and gameplay becomes something very different than for example in Operation Flashpoint. Tanks just stand still and so on, there should be some randomizing factors in GR2 missions.

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On the subject of picking up a fallen enemy's (or comrades), we need to divide weapon skills up into rifle, rocket, machine gun etc... Then if you lose the rocket guy, someone can take his weapon. maybe they will have a penalty to stabilization time or something that effects accuracy because they're not necessarily as good at it as the specialist. same goes for any weapon just picked up.

This sounds good to me...it would definetly add to the realism of the game, and GR is supposed to be one of the most realistic out there. Just think in "real life" terms; if your demo guy with AT rocket gets KIA, but the rest of the team eliminate the Tangos, isn't it more realistic for one of the remaining team members to pick up the AT rocket, then for mission to fail?

The way the skills are distributed could be done in a way @budgie described...and since there already is an equipment weight effect on operatrives in GR, it could be done so the fully loaded operative has to drop something (like extra ammo) in order to pick up AT...or he would get over loaded and thusly too slow..

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