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Port forwarding question


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I was recently given advice to allow people to connect to my online games despite my firewall. I.E. port forwarding. I want to try this method but was concerned. If the funtion of my firewall is to keep hackers and other malicious types from being able to probe and use my ports, then wont forwarding those ports leave me open to invasion? I mean, if it's common knowledge that GR uses specific ports, then isn't that asking for trouble?

Or maybe I am a ###### and completely wrong. Somebody enlighten me, please.

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The truth of the matter is, you are going to have to give to get. While it is true that it opens those ports, the liklihood of attack is very slim.

The only way you will be able to host your games, and in fact join some games is to open the ports up.

I have been in the IT business since '90, and it is very uncommon for Joe Blow user to get cracked. Unless you have something specific on your PC that someone wants. And if they want it that bad, a software firewall will not keep them out anyway.

Most viruses are sent through email, not open ports.

All the time that I have been at this site answering gamer's questions about networking, and I have never heard of anyone's PC getting cracked.

The truth is, if someone wants into your PC, they will get in unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on security measures. Most crackers don't mess with Joe Blow and his puter, because there is nothing on it they are interested in for one, and for two, there is no challenge to it.

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As long as you make sure you close the ports after you game online, you shouldn't have any problems. I get port scans all the time (at least reported by ZoneAlarm) and have only make the mistake of letting a PC get almost infected (AV but no software firewall even) once. I have am behind a hardware firewall and a software firewall and have allowed games access via the software firewall to be able to play online. It's just a matter of opening the ports and forwarding them in the router to my PC to play. If someone is lucky enough to find your PC while you are gaming, you should notice anything happening when your game really starts to lag badly. Most likely nothing will happen from the get go.

Forward the ports and have fun, drop by my games on the weekends and enjoy yourself.

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