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New Tool/Mod for Ghost Recon


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Why do some mods not work with the app. For example, most of Sixpence's mods (BRM 2, USMC 3.1, Restore Justice and Demon Rage) will not work at all. The first 5 missions in BIA will not work.

If DS and IT are activated, where does it read the kit selection from - the kit folder in MP2 or all 3 kit folders or the MP kit folder?


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No, that's not it, no spaces, formatted like the rest, using underscore to sparate words. <_<

BIA will not load missions 1,2,4,9 or 10. Wil load the others. :blink:

Will not load mission 4 from Direct Action, will load the rest.

Mission 2 from SPR WON'T LOAD.

Guatamala missions ctd.

I figured out how to customize the weapons so that you only get your favourite weapons. :thumbsup:

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