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New Tool/Mod for Ghost Recon


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If you backed up your orig miss mission folder and added missions from mods, would it recognize these missions as well. Also, if you backed up your entire orig miss folder and added modded weapons to the orig miss folder, would these be included in the random weapon selection? How does that random selection work? Thanks.

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the weapons used are those are entirely hardcoded right now. What I did was enable access to most all of the MP no restriction weapons. Thats why if you use DS/IT you get all those extras for your soldiers.

Missions are also hardcoded. Adding missions won't allow them to be recognized. If a v2 is made then I will make it much more open. It comes down to if I'll have time or not.

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The graphics problem has been fixed. This is a pretty good modification. I would like it if all the levels weren't set default on Easy/Recruit levels.

Having unlimited ammunition just makes the game too easy. The level should have been set on Veteran. That would have made it a lot of fun.

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all the missions were modded to put Vet/Elite elements into recruit mode. Unfortunatly because of the way I had to bypass the team selection/GR gui's and go straight into the mission it load to recruit. I've yet to find a way to change this. Possibly a scriptor could suggest a scripting modification that'd remove the infinite ammo.

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The app doesn't use any default installation for its path, it uses the ghostrecon path found in that computers registry which is created when Ghost Recon is installed. If you have warez, or have installed and then moved the path without reinstalling to that new path, then you're path in the registry could be missing or faulty. You need to either reinstall GR or you can browse your registry and update this path yourself.

Yep, I moved GR post-install. Looks like I'll have to tweak the registry (aka Microsoft's worst ever design decision). Thanks for the answer.

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All limitations considered, this is by far the best Mod, dare we say hack!? :D of GR to date by a long shot. Its fun to play with a hole army of Ghosts, puts life back into the "old skool" missions. Great work.

I see alot of questions on the limitations, if they were sorted out so the util would fit with mods then this would rule over anything since the game arrived! ... look forward to updated versions .... time/code/life permitting.

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Hate to be the negative one here but.....why? Why would anyone want to use 18 guys in single player? Isnt the amount already given plenty enough? Thats a whole ###### platoon of dumb AI's running around making the already easy single player game even easier.

I do commend you on your work though DM. not just anyone can manipulate these games and mod them like yall do. Its just my opinion.

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@Weasel and the question of why

I had actually done this for myself and playing WOI. WOI works fabulously with large squads because of its larger scale war theme. And when the squads open up it seems much more like a "war" going on because it creates realtime ambience that GR doesn't normally provide. GR was built for Special Ops squads true enough, but for modders who want large scaled warfare (WOI, Civil War, WWIII, ect), this could give them ideas on how to accomplish this on the player platoon side and not just the enemy side.

The real intention of this tool was really more of a "open your mind and realize the possibilties" like most of the wierd engine stretching crap I've done then it was meant to be a fully functional mod.

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the app has a hardcoded kit list gathered from each of the gr/ds/it folders and it randomizes from that. No way to change it.

I have been recoding the thing when I get a little time here and there. It now scans the mission folders in \origmiss \mp1 \mp2 and creates a mission list based on whats there. It then filters out those missions that do not have a <SinglePlayer> tag (which I believe is created if you have a zone checked as insertion). It also no longer shows the mission filename (m01_caves.mis) in the list. It now shows the actual Mission name found in the <Name> tag in the mission file. I have added a dropdown menu that shows all the mods within the GR \mods folder, but have not yet done any code to include missions, overriding or new.

As far as the kits go, I have not done anything to make the available kit list dynamic. There's quite a few logistical issues with this because it'd be hard to know what kit files the modders intended for the player or the enemy. And in some cases like WOI there are totally new directory and file structures for this. Being able to support the use of all mods with this app is looking like something that won't happen. Hopefully it'll support the bulk of them though.

I'll keep you guys informed on the progress of this thing.

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I need some help here!

I've downloaded the application but it doesn't seem to work :blink:

Where should this application be installed? I have both DS and IT expansion packs.

I have installed it in GR mods folder. I can open it and choose the number of players I want. When I click OK a pop up box appears explaining some restrictions, and when I click OK again nothing happens :wall::wall:

I would really like to try this so I appreciate any help.


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An amazing utility and great fun. Works 100%

On my PC, I think it defaults to elite because there are the same number of tangos as elite and not unlimited ammo. For example, Stone Bell had almost 40 Russians. Love it. Makes it more challenging.

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When installing the app you should've had your GR path shown in the installer. If not then you have an error in the registry that shows the path to your GhostRecon. The app uses this information as well. If you have DS and IT and yet the checkboxes stay disabled then the app isnt finding your GhostRecon path. It also will do nothing on start up because the ghostrecon.exe can't be found to start the game.

This is either cause because:

A) you have a legit copy of GhostRecon but you moved the GR folder and contents instead of reinstalling

B) you have a warez copy of GR that is failing to write the registry information.

Either reinstall GR or find out the registry info and fix/create the path info yourself.

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Work is progressing. I'm going to setup a beta team (size not determined yet) to help with testing the new code/features.

To apply, send me a snapshot of your mods folder (Print Screen and paste into a paint program) in jpg format. Be sure to change the folder view if necessary to get all the mods listed. List mods you've beta tested or worked on previously. A sample of a written test case (situation of use and detailed step by step to reproduce the problem) would be helpful. You'll need to be able to put in a reasonable amount of time everyday and will be required to email a report each day regardless of bugs found. You will also need a stable MSN Messenger (or MSN supported IM like Trillian).

Desert Siege/Island Thunder are not required to be considered, but are desired. I'm more interested in what other mods you have then just DS/IT, thats why I want a screen of your mods folder.

My email is donmiguel@warofinfamy.com

Testers will have the option of being retained for further testing on this or other apps once accepted.

This is not a paying position for those wondering.

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vamos a ve chico, que parte quieres traducida? y estoy obligado a pregunta, de donde vienes? :D

soy =LT= antrax y vengo del pais de CHILE

todo mi equipo de =LT= hablamos español...

estamos creando un nuevo portal de GHOST RECON en español


estara listo en unas semanas :devil:

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Just to let folks know that DonMiguel has released v2.0 of the Ghost Recon SP Platoon Extender. Lots of great new features! Remember it will work great with the new War of Infamy v2.4 and expansion packs.

You can grab v2.0 here:


Here's the readme:

Ghost Recon SP Platoon Extender v2.0


- 18 man limit, 6 per platoon

- DS/IT support

- Mission list now shows the in game mission names instead of .mis filenames

- Missions now checked dynamically to see if they require/recommend AT or Demo Charge types and force random selection of only those kits.

- Mods now supported

- Missions get added to list

- If SP .atr's exist in the standard folder layout (\actor\rifleman, \actor\demolitions, \actor\heavy-weapons, \actor\sniper) then they will be used

- Mod kits will be used by using the KitPath tag in the SP .atr's, if they exist, otherwise kits will default to GR, DS, IT (if DS/IT is checked). Kit paths must be subfoldered in the standard \Kits folder like in GR



- Previous still exist due to GR engine/code limitations

- The app will not know if DS/IT are required if you select a mod to activate. Be sure you check DS/IT for activation in the app if that mod requires one or both of them. You may have unexpected results otherwise.

- Mods requiring other mods (other then DS/IT) will not work by default (however, when the warning pop up comes on, you can open up the modsset.txt in \ghost recon and add a line to have it activated as well. Be sure you order it correctly, bottom-most line overrides the ones above)

- Some mods simply won't work with the app due to their internal setups. Please don't email me with support questions about the app's support of mods. It's up to the mod creator to configure their stuff to meet this apps limitations and requirements.

Feel free to give me feedback on issues found at donmiguel@warofinfamy.com


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