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Help needed for online play


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I am brand new to this forum and relatively new to multiplayer ghost recon and I need to figure something out. Every time I play a LAN game, and I create the game for others to join, I have no problems. And I can join other peoples internet games just fine. However, when I create a game online and try to get someone else to join it, they can never get in. I am bright enough to figure out that it has something to do with my firewall, but unfortunately I am not "net saavy" enough to know how to fix it. I don't want to disable the firewall completely and leave myself vulnerable, but I know nothing about Ports, or port forwarding, or even what my IP address is. As far as I know, my IP is dynamic and always different.

Any advice would be helpful, especially the advice written for non-saavy newbies like my self. In other words, plain english would be appreciated.

Love the forum and site,

Demo Joe

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The process to open ports on routers should be the same no matter which brand. Your particular routers manual/setup sheet will have further information on how to get to the routers setup screen.

To find out your internal IP go to Start>Run and type in winipcfg for Win98/Me and XP (this may not work with XP and need to be done with the Win2k way) then press OK.

In the drop down menu that pops up, pick your NIC to see your internal IP. Make a note of it (it should never change) as that is where ports will be forwarded to. If you have multiple PCs, you will need all the IPs for them to forward the ports to them too (if needed).

For Win2K, go to Start>Run and type in cmd the press OK. In the Command Prompt window, type in ipconfig and press enter to get just the IP of that machine. Typing ipconfig /all will give you the information on which NIC you are using along with when any leases you have will expire and if DCHP is enabled.

Enter your routers setup screen as per the setup guide and go to the Advanced menu (this is what the setup screen for the LynkSys router I have is called) to get to the Forwarding menu. Go to Forwarding and you will see fields to be filled in. There is a Name field for what you want to use it for. There should be Port Range fields that need to be filled in. GR uses 2346-2348 TCP/IP and UDP. Enable both protocols. There is also the IP fields that will need to be filled in (LynkSys routers only need to have the last 3 digits filled in and the first 9 should match the ones that you retrieved earlier).

Check the enable box then press any button that lets you save your settings.

Once done, exit the routers setup screen. GR will show the host his internal IP (external if connected directly to the internet), but the hosts game should show in the LAN game screen for GR.

When you want to host a Direct IP game over the internet, you will have to get your external IP that can be found at MyIP.com.

I hope this helps out. GL with your LAN party.

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well not much to go on to give you specifics

first if you post what type of firewall you have someone here will be glad to give you a more step by step setup. (if the firewall is attached to a router model of the router is great too)

that once said gr uses these ports by default 2346-2348 although you can technicaly change that from your multiplayer tab in the options menu. but those are the ports that I would stick with. if you have that range forwarded to your computer you should be good to go and other should be able to "locate" you once they hit your ip address.

what your ip address.

Since it changes my advice is to look it up each time. There is a way you can use a dynamic dns service like no-ip.com ect. that you wont have to worry about it but that entails a lot of setup work. so how do you look it up? easiest way are to go to one of these addresses





one of those works really well. My preference is ipchicken cause it has a funny logo :D oh and doesnt have popups :rofl:

and I am a slow typer cause white knight just beat me dito to what he said



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