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Special ops game - any help appriciated


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Hi. I'm part of a team of people making a freeware spec ops game...basicly the idea is for the whole tactical fps gaming community to contribute to the project in anyway they can to produce something cool :) .

Our forum is here: http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project

We still need to figure out the storyline for the game, so if you have any ideas, post them! Check out my idea for the storyline here and post your comments.

If you have any models (in .3ds, MAX or Q2 mdl format) or levels (in .MAP format) from any GR mods or something you may have made and want to contribute them to the game, your assistance would be appriciated!

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Roger that and I'm sure that this almost beckons to the Part in all of Us that has been Screwed, Glued and Tatooed by the Software Developers Who've said They'd give us X - We'd then wait Diligently - And then We'd get F-Cubed.


If |S.O.T.O|'s Mod Team can contribute in any fashion Please email Me at mac@sotoclan.com and I'll ensure that resources are put towards the Initiative.

We have Models and such but seeing as how They have previously been released and are on the Net already - Our Input would likely be better Utilized by the creation of Newer Models, Objects, and Map Creations.

Direction is an Imperative in this case and so I will go and read Your storyline to see If I can feel-out the Taste of this TACSIM To-be before We get involved in discussing Issues and Ideas further.



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Where should I send whatever models you need? Whats the polycount? Need music? Do I _have_ to join another forum? Anything you need to know about tactics, or any of these things in general, just give me a yell.

Email: Bert13x@yahoo.com


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Thanks for the support! The http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project forum is the project center of operations at the moment, so you can either sign up there, or post as a guest , if you want to help out. I'm trying to get the project well known so that we can have some dedicated team members/helpers/fans on the forum who can provide ideas, resources and support. Like I said, it's a community project, so we are willing for anyone to help or have their say in the development of the game/sim.

For models, first post on our forum or email me at f14_tomcat1@hotmail.com before sending models, incase we already have that model already, or don't need it. At the moment all we have though are a few weapon models - Ak47, SA80, M16, beretta etc. We currently have 1 modeler who is doing some soldier models, but we will take as many modelers / models as we can get our hands on. As for polycount - about 1000 for weapons and maybe more for characters...what's standard these days?

We currently have someone as a weapons / tactics advisor, but if you can assist in that field as well, your help would be appriciated.

We do need music for the game, but we are still in the design phase, so it's not urgent. We would probably want music in the typical Bill Brown / Hans Zimmer orcherstial style - (Tom Clancy games, The Rock, The Peacemaker etc).

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