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Playing too much GR?


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Hey, can you get me some links to the RSE music, like the GR and Rainbow SIX music.

Is the music on the CDs? I thought they were there but in cab files of some sorts.!


Here's how:

For GR music do the following: Open up your Windows Explorer and find your Red Storm Entertainment folder...Mine is layed out like this: C:/Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/Ghost Recon/Mods/Origmiss/Sound/Music

You can also open up Desert Siege and Island Thunder music the same way, except from "Mods", go to "MP1" or "MP2", then Sound/Music.

From there, you can do it two ways:

1. Copy all of that music to a "New Folder" in your File Tree, then import that folder to your CD-Burning software, or

2. Copy individual files direct to your CD-Burning software...from there it should be self explanatory.

As for your R6 and RS music, well I actually haven't loaded it back on yet 'cause I had to reformat my HD :( But you should be able to access your music much the same way, or even just stick the CD in your ROM and copy the files directly from there!

Hope this helps m8 :)

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Heres some I think you might like. :D

"You map out each part of an M16 in CAD"

"Thinks this qualifies you a job at UBI Soft"

"Stand still in the store and swear you saw an enemy behind the coats"

"Refer to your clothes as BDUs"

"Align your computer perfectly with the sun so you get no glare"

"Avoids sitting in bath tub saying 'Too Deep'"

"Walks through a door squatting"

"Yell 'Cheaters' when cars cut you off"

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In general, suffer signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder without having been anywhere near Vietnam, Grendada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq or any real war, such as:

Waking up at night in a cold sweat knowing that an Ethiopian Soldier is coming down the hall.

Looking at people on the street and thinking, "Ha, a Demo Expert." Hmpf, a support specialist."

Ducking for cover or reaching for a c key when you hear a car backfire because you know a nade is coming.

Visiting gun stores in town demanding that they special order an OICW, tell them their full of it when they say they don't make them yet, "Look buddy, I've been using one for over a year now, so don't give me your..."

Not voting or going anywhere near polling centers because there are always bad guys in there.

Looking for sensors on ebay. They don't have them EITHER?

Looking at familiar things and getting flashbacks: Gilligans Island isn't the same anymore because you know there is a tunnel inside and somebody's camped in there. The Grand Canyon isn't the same because you know there's a sniper on the other side. And heaven forbid if you have to go down to the docks for anything. Especially at night.

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I've had to stop myself from this a few times lately and nearly copped a fatal beating from the wife for saying it to her once :wacko:

* Family member/friend asks you a question and you reply 'Copy' or 'Roger'

and you're nowhere near your mike.


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Someone asks you how far away something is and you give the distance in klicks.

You can name 50 assault rifles, snipers rifles, pistols, shotguns etc and state their ammo capacity and round size.

Whistling the GR theme tune whilst driving.

When you enter a room, you have a vision of yourself running down the far wall holding a sa80 and shouting 'clear!' at the end.

You have an urge to buy a leg pistol holder just for the feel of it being there.

When walking round town or a shopping centre etc you suspect EVERYONE is a bad guy.

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You know you are playing too much Ghost Recon when: your hand stays in a permanent cramp from clinching the mouse too tight in tense situations.

When you see people walking down the street and part of what you see is the crosshairs on them.

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You know you are playing too much Ghost Recon when: your hand stays in a permanent cramp from clinching the mouse too tight in tense situations.

I had that happen to me! :o I had serious carpal tunnel in my arms and then my trigger finger was getting numb. :(

I need to reconfigure my desk to wear it's ergnomically adjusted for GR.

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you know you play GR too much when:

between exams you go home to check if "standard upgrade" has been released yet.

when you discover it has, you spend your time playing it instead of studying for you next exam! :o

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