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Will ne1 PLEASE!!! help me???

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iv been posting for ages now but nobody realy takes much notice :wall: i have been trying to convert some UT files to GR format. i found these space marine characters on a UT site and i realy want to convert them to GR i think they would be great, i know it can be done because unreal recon was made that way, i just dont know how to do it my self so im asking for any info or help on doing it. i have some gret ideas for a full mod but i just want to get the character out the way first. :help:

here is a pic of the UT model...


the files can be found at cafe napali under warhammer40k v2 at the bottom of the page

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The Unreal Recon mod was made by downloading the .3ds files and then realigning all the verts, Once this is done i then went about re-animating the model for ghost recon.

The whole process took a few hours and as you can see in the Unreal Recon mod there are 40 characters.. (Thats ALOT of hours).

You cannot just get the UT file and convert it.

If you can get hold of this space marine in max or .3ds format and get permission of the creator to use it in a GR mod then i will alter it for Ghost Recon use for you..

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My opinion you should just download Unreal Recon Mod.

The only problem with that is that he isnt trying to play an Unreal mod, he wants to make a Warhammer 40k mod.

My suggestion would be to get permission to use this model and get a .3ds version of it and have someone help you convert it for GR (you already have an offer and thats worth a million imho :thumbsup: ). This is not an easy thing for a new modder to do, it will take some time. The cool thing about 40k is that once you get one Space Marine model done you can just do loads of retextures for the different chapters. You can then just make attachments like furs and such for like Space Wolves. You can also probably get by with stock models retextured as Imperial Guard or Catachans or whatever. There are quite a few options if you can first get a good Space Marine model. As much as Id like to see a 40k mod, I dont think youre going to get much help with it. There just arent that many modders left and I doubt there are many who are interested or even are aware of the 40k universe. :(

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i have been trying to find a good 3ds marine but no luck so far i have also emailed the original maker of the UT model and asked about me using the charecter. As sleeper said once there is one model made i will only need to re-skin it for the different chapters. Thanks for the offer from =MM= Shadow that would be fantastic if you could help :notworthy:

So where have all the modders gone then? :blink:

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