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And if there's a Mac version of the standalone campaign or extracted missions too... well...

There isn't a standalone campaign. The MOD's missions and gametypes (those that does not require custom maps) will be released in a single download, together with any custom soundfiles needed. The missions should work on Mac without any porting as far as I know.

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When the time comes we'll release it in zip format also for the mac users. There's no .exe that needs to be run. The rsb's were checked and should be mac compatible. The mod is mac friendly AFAIK except for the .wav sound format.

I am hoping its not too much longer after the PC release. If you need webspace for it, we have plenty at macgamingmods.com. I pretty much run the Ghost Recon downloads there.

The .wav files aren't that big of a problem, we just batch convert them in itunes, and voila.

The missions do run fine on a Mac, at least they worked when we participated in SR2004. :thumbsup:

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The MOD's campaign mission 12, 13, 14 and 15 (the SR2004 missions) will come in a special version where we use more accurate weapons for the scenario. The Spetznas forces will be equipped with russian weapons from the MOD's arsenal. These missions will not run on a dedicated server that doesnt run the mod itself, so to cure this we will release a missionpack (standalone) with the original SR2004 missions that should work well on normal dedicated servers (patch 1.4, GR, DS & IT)

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What is the mods arsenal?

Thats posted earlier in the thread, but for your convenience, here it is.

Links are clickable as well.

Should be between 300-400 kits and many smart restrictions.

Several new classes makes the choise pretty simple, allthough it is many, many kits.

I.E. there are two rifleman classes; one normal and one delta. The Delta has more CQB weapons at his disposal, while the rifleman class has longer barrel weapons available.

Guess Robalo can fill out more presisely as the job on the weapon pack and tweaks is done so brilliantly by him.

Allthough; come friday and you can download.


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2 days left

I expect to play some Elite Coop with this mod :devil:

Iv played with the beta and let me tell ya... It rocks....

The campaign will get you amped up for sure... some of the missions just get you imersed in the story line. A lot of fun... and then the other awsome missions =)

oh thats not all the guns are super. very good looking stuff hope every one will download it.

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Quite a few weapons by some excellent modders. This sounds brilliant.

Are most of the missions Stealth types?

well, 4 of the missions are taken from the Stealth Recon 2004 Tournament, and I have contributed one mission for the Cartel map that has a stealth aspect as well. I'm not sure how many "stealth missions" are in the MOD, though I can guarantee 5 of them are stealthy.

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Are most of the missions Stealth types?

All former SR/SSL missions (except for SR2002) with any custom maps/sounds is packed in. Thats 12 stealth missions. A stealth coop gametype is included and the mission. Also a Stealth inspired mission supplied from MovingUnit (need names for Creditlist Moving) is included (Cartel map). That makes up the stealth part of it. But it will make a whole new dawn to play it with the new weapons as allmost no weapon is completely silent anymore (only mpsd and small caliber SD pistols). There are several levels of noise from weapons so an M4 SopMod SD will make more noise that an MP5 SD. Witch makes it interesting; it aint only to deside if you should bring SD into a mission. Based on the briefing you will deside witch SD to bring - more than ever.

On the more/less noisy side of missions/coop gamemodes there will be the campaign (made up of SBTO missions version 2 11 missions) finishing off the campaign with Stealth Recon 2004 missions (4 of them). The voiceover briefings and custom briefing pictures of the campaign makes it a great campaign; we believe. The SR2004 missions in the campaign is also new in the way that Spetnaz now have more accurate russian weapons coming from the MOD's arsenal.

There are also several different missions for Cartel and Ossetian Woodlands.

New on the Coop gamemodes comes Alpha Squads FireFights 2, 70, 90 and 110 in both normal and death penalty for teamkill versions (6 in total).

JPClarke's 100 FireFight is included and makes it possible to go in with up to 27 players on coop servers in coop/firefight. We might include a speacial 120 tango version of that one as well.

All former released Coop gamemodes from Alpha Squad will be included and can be played on any of the maps in the mod; custom or stock.

These gamemodes are: Stealth Recon (4 versions), FF4 (lose more than 3 Ghosts and the mission is ended, regardless of respawn number.

Dorn; I lost track of everything. There should be more in there as well.

Just stand by and DL/have a looksee.

Wont be long now.

These are the missions, but they are only a small part of the MOD. The overall tuning of the MOD has been going on for a very long time, and you will se many small details changed. To many to even put them into the readme.txt

As coop has been our thing in GR for all these years; you can basically call it a coop related MOD. Thats where it has it's strongest sides.

But if you are a SP (single player addict) we doubt you will be dissapointed. Thats why we spendt that much time putting up the campaign.


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Thanks to all whom worked so hard putting this together.

That would be Robalo that deserves the biggest thanks.

He had been collected weapons for a very long time when he joined Alpha Squad. Thats where de idea of a MOD started. Since then he has done an enormeous job of pulling this together. His tweaks and reticules for the weapons is great.

We think you will like them.

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@Chavez: you absolutely sure all the contributors have gotten download instructions mate? :unsure:  :'(

Think Robalo had an email adress to every contributor and that he sendt out emails.

Are you on 56K? If you are, send me an email at chavez@alphasquad.net and I'll ship it by snailmail (aka footpost; or better boatpost as u're in Australia)

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