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The Farm mission (Final Encounter) will be the campaigns last mission. You better unlock some specialists on your way up there :rocky:

And autowin in the console wont unlock them.

We are dying to get it out. Gonna be great start playing it all instead of spending countless hours in IGOR.

Just wait till u see the fabolous work Robalo has done on the weapon collection/tweaking. U gonna love those Remington shotgun kits; amongst many other.

The shotguns are tweaked so they work as a shoutgun would.

And you will have to reload one and one shell.


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Done and done.

Take a look at the weapon list.

You can click the weapon names to go to web content covering each weapon.

These fine weapons has undergone dramatic tweaks to fit into the Alpha MOD and we are feeling confident you will like the result.

Compilation and weapon collection/tweaks by Robalo. He has done such a great job on this.

The MOD will go up on Alpha Squad 100Mbit server in a day or two where contributors and Alpha donators can play it for 2 weeks. Then its release time for the GR community as a whole.

Download links for contributors will be emailed out. Alpha donators will find download links in the donator forum in the Alpha Squad forums.


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In AS no restrictions this MOD is made up of 372 different kits spread out on the different soldier classes.

You will find the kits too made in the most reflected way. You can i.e. carry a Remington shotgun as a secondary for rifleman/support. But this way you will carry less ammuntion for both weapons.

Mod size currently at 403 MB uncompressed. Most probably The Mill by Biro will make it into the final release, so add some MB for that as well.

Then we gonna compress it.

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Well, not so much to show of from The Mill map actually. It's pretty small, around 200*200 meters and suits best for TvT matches with few people. I only has four buildings and a cave and I haven't put to much detail in it either. Just enough to make it look like something has been going on there. I rather want to show of some of the weapons Robalo have put together and the high res. textures on those. It's a great addition and we thank all the contributors to the mod.





Pick flowers to your girlfriends here:


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made a compilation mod in mean time waiting for this... seems the wait is soon to be over? :D



Standard Upgrade 1.1

The Mosque

The Farm

The Dam

R02 Industrial

and somthing else together is pretty fun =)

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Prosac you have a PM

Emails to MOD contributors will be sendt out tomorrow. PM me here if you cannot wait for the DL link (MOD contributors only)

Alpha Donators will find DL link in donator forum over at www.alphasquad.net

Alpha 100Mbit ( is now running the MOD

Packed to 158MB

Releasetime to the community within 2 weeks from today.


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