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En4rcment might be right. It might be that and my Alzheimer.

The guys complain about too many mines in Navyy Terek as well.

I don't remember placing ANY mines there.

Dorn! :blink:

EDIT: haha; it was. Lol; wrong thread. Nothing deleted. Just one of those moments I guess.

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We are currently discussing if we should launch a beta release of the MOD as all the weapon tweaking/work now is done.

The BETA release will hold all the beautiful weapon work collected by Robalo from many great, great weapon modders out there.

A lot of changes has been done to weapon caracteristics etc.

Some other changes as well to the overall gaming experience.

What won't be there is the 12 mission campaign from Zero_AS, the SR2004 4 tournament missions and the new gametypes.

Nor will Biro's custom map The Farm be there.

So Beta of the Alpha MOD? :wacko:

Good or bad idea?

Serious inputs appreciated :D

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So Beta of the Alpha MOD?  :wacko:

Good or bad idea?

Serious inputs appreciated  :D

It would be interesting to see those weapons but I will give my vote to final version instead of beta.

If beta come first I'll certanly check it out. :thumbsup:


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It is released in a preversion to Donators and people playing it on Alpha 100Mbit #2.

More info over at our forums, in the Dedicated server thread; at our website and several other places in the forum.

Links in my sig

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We are wrapping up all this stuff nowadays and we hope to have the mod out sometime in August. I think it will be a fine mod for everyone that like to play coop and maybe TvT aswell. We also have a new map ready for the mod and the name of it will be "The Mill" (Very original yes, :o ) It's basically a map I have been using to test out different techniques in 3d studio max, but I think it turned out so well that we need to put it in aswell. The map is pretty small, approx 200*200 meters and suits very well for around 5v5 TvT matches but it also works in coop offcourse. I have built it up around a old corn mill that's been driven by the river in the old fashion way with a rotation "water wheel" that gives power to the mill itself. I have built the forest up around the river with pretty dense vegetation close to the river just like in real life and more bigger trees further from it. (As seen on screenshot number three) On screenshot number two notice the sniper in the tall grass on the acre. I can tell he's hard to spot on some distance...Sceenshot number one shows the mill itself with the two other buildings attached to it, a woodstorage and the main living house with all it's interior. There's also an old gold mine on the map and I have heard rumours that there's still gold left in it...maybe something to check out in August?? ;)




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Yes, we have a twelve mission campaign that will be playable in single player aswell. I'm yet not to sure about all the details around this campaing, but it has been made by AlphaSquad/Zero and it's ready for public. I belive Chavez has some more details around this part of the mod. Follow this thread and I'm sure I will post some more info up around the campaing in a short while. BTW; I think Zero aimed for the coop community when he made it, so the level of difficulty is might a bit tricky for single player but I'm not to sure about it yet. :wacko:

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