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Alpha Squad MOD


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Alpha MOD is ready for download!

Go to the Alpha MOD website for download.

Here are some handly direct download links.

Download from FilePlanet (Thanks to Rocky for the upload)

Download from Ghostaholic.com (Thanks to Ghostaholic for the mirror)

Download from El-Shervino.com (thanks to Swaz for the mirror)

Download from Romania/Europe (thanks to Robalo for the mirror)



Stealth Recon 2004 missions is now ready for download



With great assistance from many of the best weapon modders in the GR community and a couple of great scripters with innovative ideas, Alpha Squad is currently assembling a MOD wich currently has the working title; The Alpha Squad MOD.

Currently the content list is:

1) An impressive array of great looking weapons with matching sounds, reticules and characteristics tweaking, avoiding overpowered kits.

2) A 12 mission campaign from a scripter that surely has shown some cutting-edge scripting in his former projects.

3) New multiplayer coop gametypes like StealthRecon, Firefight2(Alpha Squad version), Firefight4, StealthRescue among others.

4) All former Alpha Squad tournament missions

5) Additional maps

A patch will be released after SR2004 to include those 4 tournament missions and Biros brilliant new map The Farm


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Some sketchboard screens :rocky:















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When's it gonna be released? Sorry. Couldn't resist....

Depends on a lot of factors. We wan't it out quick, but won't release it until we have a decent campaign. The weapon pack is already closing in on completion, but we need to betatest it with the original 5-6 weapon modders first. The campaign is a 12 mission thingy; originally made as a serversided mission pack, and allthough the missions are almost 100% betatested allready; they need tweaks in the cinematic area. We also plan to produce voice-over briefings.

Some gametypes needs to be made, and we are also looking for/betatesting good existing coop maps to include.

We are also investigating/contacting some skin-modders; checking if we can include their works in this project.

On top of this; SR2004 kicks off very soon with 160 tournament matches - so estimating 1-2 months is probably realistic.

Then there will be a SR2004 patch for the MOD during summer. This patch will include all 4 SR2004 missions and Biros new 400x400 map The Farm.

Biro will probably post some screenshots here later.

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Truly looks impressive.

The menu pictures are a beaut. My fav's are the first one and the third one, although the first definetely has some real emotion in that mans face that says "I've been there".

I dont download mods too often unless I am compelled by one, this may be one to add to my list. :)

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Ossetian Woodlands is added to the MAP pack. Allthough not new; this great map is now cleared for entry. Comes with SSL#4 mission Final Curtain, and some tweaks in the firefight spawn points and multiplayer zones - producing some rather interesting results.

We tested it with Firefight2(90) - a new coop multiplayer mode (included in the upcoming MOD), and had great fun.

Weapon tweaking carries on; and Robalo has done some great work on characteristics and reticules for this absolutely lovely weapon collection.

More details to follow in the following month.

Thanks to James/Battleborne.com for clearance on including his great, great map.

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I will talk to Robalo and check if he has made a complete list yet, but I doubt he has as we are in the middle of tweaking/betatesting all weapon characteristics and kits to form a weapon selection where not one or two rifles/kits destroys the fun of the whole mod by being overpowered.

Seems like there will be a new SniperScout soldier class, with kits available to support snipers. The scout will have kits available that doesn't suit to good when going alone. He will most probably be set up with a guillie suit and have at hand short range silent weapons; maybe a Vintorez (short zoom). Also; his secondary gear will match a long range sniper good.

I won't go into more details on the weapons, but will rather point Robalo to this thread, and leave it to him if he want to reveal more at this point.

All I can say is that Robalo is doing a great job on those kits/tweaks/reticules etc.. The weapons themselves comes from 5-6 of the very best weapon modders in the GR community, and is already out there in bits and pieces. We have collected them under the same umbrella, and are giving their characteristics a hard time proving they are suited to the MOD. Among other things.

Stand by.

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scouts should have close range sd wep.s only

kinda like recon i would think

i think spotters should make a good class

to help support snipers and i think

they usually have long range rifles as well

either sd or not cause if they are spotted

it doesnt make a difference anymore

cause they both should be running away

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Any details on the weapons?

Yah what about weapons :rocky:

First, we will require Earl's Standard Upgrade and make available every weapon from it. Then, we will have toys from:

1. Earl's Spetsgruppa Vympel

2. Thumper1518's 7.62mm

3. DVS1

4. Snowfella's Ares Shrike

5. Swartz

To any weapon modder out there: if you have some cool stuff you would like to share for this mod, feel free to pm me about it.


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LOCATION: Chechnya.

MISSION: SR2004 / Week-4.

As promised from Chavez, we give you all a little sneak peek into the last map on Stealth Recon 2004 which will be included in this mod as a patch after the tournament is done. I have been working regularly on this map for a half year now and it starts to get as good as it should. It's my first map ever made and probably not the last one either. There's still some work left on it. Some more objects have to be put in, and we have to test it so we find the right amount of trees so it runs good on low-end systems also. The weapons you see here, is all weapons from this mod, made by different modders in the community as Robalo mention above here. Enjoy it folks...

Ghosts in position.


Sniper with modified M-24.


"A Bunker".


This shows some part of the dense wood around the farm.


Demo Expert.


Watch out for snipers in the barnwindows...


A little cabin by the lake.


Backside of the barn. Notice the lights in the windows.


Another small cabin




Inside the barn.


The main house on the farm. Two floors and a lots of rooms.


A camp, with a rotating, destroyable radar. It's just sweet!


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