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.chr wrist wrinkles...


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1 - Select the left hand bone, make sure that 'edit envelopes' is highlighted

2 - Select all of the vertices of the left glove, making sure that you do not select the vertices of the arm

3 - scroll down to that 'Abs. Effect' box. Type 0 (zero) hit enter. Type 1, hit enter.

4 - repeat for the right hand bone and the right glove.

If you've done it right, your character's wrists should no longer deform horribly.

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The problem usually only appear on characters with no real gloves, like the jack_stone_cuba character. On him the end of the gloves are directly attached to the end of the arm. On characters like that there is no real way to get it to look flawless, even the original game characters have problems with the wrists.

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Unfortunately my forum has gone and all tips and tricks with it, But i do still have the pics, And as i was only talking about it the other day here are my tips to the WRIST TWIST problem..

1) Hide it with a watch or Wrist Band ETC

2) Add a wrist cover as shown below..

Just detach and copy the wrist section scale slightly higher and tag as the arm ;)





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I know this has been asked before, but can someone point me in the direction of a tut on how to keep the wrists from getting all wrinkled and kinked up on your custom models, in game?

moakes2783...Shadow has helped me a TON with not only the wrists but other things as well. He and Parabellum hit the nail on the head with their tut on the wrist(s). Here is a pic of some of my completed .chrs that I used Shadow's advice on (kind of small but hopefully you'll get the idea). Good luck :D


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Now that's a sneaky way of doing it Shadow! Thanks for the tip mate!

On one of my characters I worked around it doing the following.

Scaling down the end vertices on the gloves and moving them into the arms, then plugging the holes at the end of the arms where the gloves should of been sitting. All to create an appearance of the character having the sleeves of his jacket over the cuffs of his gloves.

Might be easier to understand by looking at this.


I've also experimented alittle vith cutting some additional edges at the end of his arms, to get more vertices to play with in the transition between arms and glove.

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