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I need a cap. one that fits the marines.


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I need a cap, one that fits the marines from IT. is there a mod that has a cap I can borrow?

if not, would anyone be willing to make one for me., also use the same cap and turn it around backwards ( I want to use it on a sniper character I made)


soon I'll be posting pix of the mod Im working on. the maps, the skins etc etc.

I run into small probs here and there so if people help out, I can get the mod done sooner rather than later.

***kit icons***


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The actual cap is in the IT Mod itself :- att_cuba_alied_marine.qob

But if you need a reversed one i just did this for you.


Download the hat from Here

Hope this helps.. Also remember the IT Marines are slightly off centre so that the attachments can look slightly funny if you mix with the GR and DS ones.

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