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Question for Chems...


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I was just wondering, In an effort to increase the number of insertion vehicles for mission makers...

...would it be very difficult to add invisible "seats" to the roofs of some of the default vehicles?

Like how you see on the news where fighters are riding around on the top of a BMP, or Russian troops that sat on the hull of a tank to get somewhere...

Yes it may not be practical for the Bradley - but imagine being inserted by an M1 Tank - how cool would that be! :rocky:

Just an idea...

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Should be just get a vehical.put a point where you want the seat to be and name it ^seat#.then do a point on the ground and name it ^ejection#

This is from the level builderpdf:

Passenger Tagging

Each passenger spot must contain two helper points, one that represents where the passenger sits, and the other where the passenger will exit the vehicle.

Naming Format: ^seat# Where the passenger sits ^eject# Where the passenger will exit the vehicle Numbering starts at zero and must be consecutive.

The first seat, ^seat0, must always be the driver’s seat.

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Right. Sorry, but you can't do that. You can only do that for vehicles you have the max files for, like vehicles you create yourself or if you can get the max file from another modder. I do think Piggyson has the BMP max file from the stock maps that is available to add seats to.

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