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Winners for Modding Categories, 2003


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I hope you are enjoyed this as much as I did. :rocky: To those of you who are listed below, congratulations on winning in the GR.net 2003 Forum Awards. :thumbsup: All those involved in the making of these mods, feel free to take the url of the image and place it in your signature as you would a normal image. To those who have not won, better luck next year. Please do not use the prizes if they do not belong to you. :nono:

Best Skin Mod: Sabre Teams


Best Skin: German Waffen-SS w/Oak A Autumn Smock (by Wakinyan, WOI)


Best Skin Modder: Bajabravo


Best Weapons Mod: Standard Upgrade


Best Weapon: M4 SOPMOD from Standard Upgrade


Best Weapon Modder: Earl


Best Vehicle Mod: War of Infamy


Best Vehicle: Snowmobile from Frostbite


Best Vehicle Modder: Chems


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Best Mod: Frostbite


Best Total Conversion: Frostbite / War of Infamy


Best Mission Mod/Campaign: Frostbite


Best Mission: Stealth Recon Mission 4 "Final Justice"


Best Mission Modder: Jack57


Best Map Mod: Frostbite


Best Map: Ossetian Woodlands from Battleborne


Best Map Modder: El Oso


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Many congratulations to all the winners, especially the Frostbite team who really stole the show :thumbsup:

And of course a million thankyou's to all who voted for me. I humbly accept the award of 'Best Mission Modder 03', even though I'm not sure how comfortably I am with it in the midst of the incredible talent that exists in the GR modding community.

Jack :wub:

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Many thanks to all of you who voted for me for the category of 'Most Helpful Modder 03'. I get a real kick out of helping others out with scripting issues, no matter how much of a beginner they may feel they are.

Cheers, Jack :wub:

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Thanks a lot for voting our 2 tournament missions that much.

We have another tourney mission - Navyy Terek/SR2004/1 ready for download from 15thmarch approx. The 3 rest is gonna follow one each month.


EDIT: SR2004 missions will be held back and released together with the Alpha MOD after SR2004 is done late june 2004. They will also be available as separate downloads then.

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