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With all the near tragedies that has been happening in my life....I will attempt now to complete the gr community mod.

Since no one has helped me with a custom .chr....I will try to learn and do it myself.

But to compete with the ever increasingly innovative mods coming out I need to make this mod stand out....somehow........even in a little way. The key will be the missions...

It has been suggested that I just cut my losses and simply release the material I have now and be done with it. But I don't know....if I do that I will quickly get lost in the sea of mods that are out there. I need to include some missions that will make someone want to get the mod...and play it.

Something that will make a person say...."oh you remember that mod that had the crazy.....". So even if its played for a short while people will always remember it.

To the point I need someone to make a BIG FOOT 4x4 vehicle for GR. The missions I am doing is outrageous and I think would be great fun. Its also one of the elements needed for the missions I am trying to make. Can someone take up the challenge?


There are more great images at www.bigfoot4x4.com

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Actually, yes.

I will need it to be driveable. I am going to have crazy soldiers in the back cab firing their weapons. Using the vehicle like a "technical". You know? That term that was coined from the Somalia incident?

Going to have the Bigfoot driven by insane human sized hamster commandos that scream in their high pitched voices.

Anyway, I am also looking to record the sound the general lee made in "The Dukes of Hazard".

Imagine the ghosts aggressively taking a hill but then out of the blue.....they hear the general lee's car horn and as they look over their shoulders to see whats making the noise...they spot a couple Bigfoots with hamster commandos firing their rather large guns........


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some people might download his first mod and maybe forget that hes making other stuff to add to it and never dl the added part. ;) ..all though pretty sure everyone will be spreading it around that sz has finished his mod..lol :P GET IT DONE SZ! :o=

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I think youve gone nuts, your last idea was some huge space ship, then a while ago you asked me how to make some mad aliens or something now hamester commando's i think your with the wrong game, maybe mario or something would be more suitable? :wacko:

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HaHa Chems!

Well guess what.........I finished the UFO model! hee hee :P

The point of the missions is to go a little nuts yes. In combat you have to expect the unexpected. And I think its bout time we really push the envelope when it comes to mission ideas.

My idea is to make several multiplayer missions where everything seems normal....but then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. I want to raise the havok level to such a degree that ghostrecon players will (instead of pretending to be gung-ho) will end up hugging and crying in the corner waiting for their gruesome end. :devil:

But before I can do that I need some key elements. A crazy .chr as the hamster commando, a UFO model, and the rest as keenly scripted events.

I want to basically turn a multiplayer siege mission into a functional coop game. That means potentially 36 players can be in a coop...sorta...at least toward the middle and end of the mission.

In my view its when things go far farrrrr from the norm is when the adventure begins. :rambo:

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stalker to get all these aliens and monsters in a mission

your mission would be something like this:

the ghosts (or maybe a team u created) are deployed

to a deserted island, intel reports of a genetic weapons facility

on the island and the ghosts have to retrieve intel

and aquire physical proof of the facilty.

pysical proof = have the "thing" follow u out of the facility

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ok ok. gimme a few man. gotta work out in meh head what I need to accomplish.

Also, I think IF_GRT is gonna give it a try. He is workin on the bigfoot as we speak.

However, this shouldn't stop any of you who are interested in doing your own versions for ghost recon. There are other monster trucks out there that would be cool to do too. ;)

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OM Freakin god!! :o:o

Thats wonderful! I would add that one and the one IF_GRT is doing to the mission I gonna create. Any way we can get your friend to donate that monster TheBlakeness?

Who is doin the gravedigger NYR_32?

heh heh. :devil:

Now imagine a mutant hamster commando in the back of that thing firing his minigun while another hamster is driving the truck at 100 mph. And as they are screaming in their high pitched voices they are hitting the car horn. The car horn will be the sound the general lee made from the dukes of hazard. :lol:

In fact, its called the "dixie horn" I didn't know this but the sound itself is the first 12 notes of the confederate anthom of the old american south.."dixie". I found a .wav fille for it too. :thumbsup::rofl:

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