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* Outdoor, hexagonal portals (6-60 degree offsets) spanning static trees (that dont sway) It is possible to improve framerate this way! I used a hex-grid layout (like an old war-game) for the portals and it actually worked ! I think it is due to viewing 2 of 3 portals in front of you once you have traversed more than 50% of the current portal and the view frustrum no longer insersects all 3 portals in front of you. This does reduce smoothing when turning slightly but 33% of the time there is an improvement, on average.

* Outdoor/indoor dynamic occluders. the @p tag is an undocumented occluder portal. you can copy them from the mp06_castle map example released with the IT cd extras. the @p walls prevents rendering of entire polygon groups and all dynamic objects within the current portal. This smooths out framerate within the current portal and prevents the CPU from even considering objects that have been hand-occluded by the map maker. This gave me about 10 fps more than without them, and in a large MP game (30+ players with explosives) it made even more difference on framerate. HX5 Turkish City map: We tested a version with no occluders for 1 week, then with them for a week. 60 fps was not uncommon. 40 fps was norm. The map has just under 80,000 polys with a 225m view distance.

I'm having a hard time visualizing hexagonal portals. I'm very familiar with the boardgame hexagonal grid layout but how do you work this in GR?

Are these extruded shapes that are then detached and named as portals? What do you mean by spanning static trees?

How does this work when portals are supposed to be rectangular?

I've run into numerous issues with portals that are too close to each other or are in view at the same time. How does adding more help?

Occluders are documented in the chm file that accompanies the plugins. I've also used them to prevent the z-bufferring glitch that can occasionally show up when viewing two polys that are close at certain angles.

The problem with these is that they don't always work. The map layout has a lot to do with their placement. If you look at the example map they are placed in the castle walls facing outwards. This works perfectly in that it prevents the rendering of the polys on the interior of the castle while you are outside the walls.

I'm curious to know more about these since my experience with them has been limited and inconclusive.

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Im guessing that the big problem with this map isnt necessarily polycount as it is moreso too many dynamic tree objects and too many alpha textures overlapping. The other problem these cause which I think is being overlooked by many people is the pathing problems, mainly concerning AI.

I did want to add that, after turning down my graphic options a considerable amount I was able to view the map in its entirety. It is a really good map, damn fine work throughout. The hidden caves, the little beach by the lighthouse, it looks great. If only he'd reduce the foliage a little it may actually be playable to all of us.

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toggleing trees off didnt make a large diff in frame rate for me but it might for some.

i think what hx was saying is it would run betting if they used an "hex" tree occlusion method which is the first time ive seen it in hex, it is very common for most engines to support this style of occlussion culling.

it is very common to use quadtree or octtree occlusion its hard to describe but look it up occlussion culling or quadtree culling on google you might find some better explanations.

but i must give my compliments to hx on this one i havent seen hextree's before and id love to see how they perform in comarison.

p.s. you can also find info by looking up occlusion culling and

portal rendering

hope i didnt make this worse :D

edit :

portal rendering http://www.medialab.chalmers.se/c2c/doc/portals.html

and of coarse this which i am still reading through a vast resource


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