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Target date would hopefully be around the weekend, got to set up alittle minimod out of the models and I absolutely suck at making .gun files. :wall:

Next model in line really shows that I'm hurrying through the texturework, but unfortunately I ain't got any better pics to use of the XM320. :(


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can u find a pic of a m320 with the breach opened up

it would help cause im making this gun for another game and i need it to be animated.

i guess it is like the ag36 but i cant find pics of that anywhere.

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Might be a slight delay on the release of these models as I'm taking in a pro to do the .gun files. Ought to be more realistic and balanced that way.

@Prozac: I ain't got any pics with the breach open but the way it works is pretty easy. Looking at my render there's a hinge fairly far forward on the other side that the barrel swivels on. Opening the breach just rotates the barrel clockvise somewhat.

@Lancer...and so you should mate ;)

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Iv'e had a look there before Ogre ;) ....was pics I already had though as he seems to have scrounged them from another site.

Call me a weapons nut, been collecting pics here for ages and I have stuff that I most likely never will have any use of. :wacko:

Just working on getting the models ingame now so expect a few screenies shortly.

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And here's the 2 XM8 Compact versions. Have to excuse my slightly sloppy texture work though  :unsure:


Going for the XM320 next...ought to have it done within the hour.

:o= Snow Fella.... Is the XM8 w/ the collapsable stock going to come with a surpressor? Either way... all models are looking sweet. Can't wait to give them a go.

Awesome Work! :o=

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hey it looks great.... forgot to say that :rocky:

what about the m4 and m16 are you replacing them with these?

i think im going to have to make a m16a4 set now that u got the xm8 =)

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Well, won't be any M16's done by that's for sure :P I'll let the Colt experts handle that. Closests I've ever come to doing an M16 or M4 would be the lower that I made for the Shrike mod.

The XM8's will most likely be replacing the M16's and M4's for the standard and specialist operators throughout the 3 campaigns. I'm not a 100% sure about it though as I've handed that job over to a mate ;)

And some of the models will come in a suppressed version, probably not the Compacts though.

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Ok, as Stalker has released his next mod roundup and it speaks of some previously not talked about suprises that will come along with the XM8 mod I figure it's time to reveal the extra's I'm tossing in. Some if these has been seen before although I have rewamped some parts slightly, I've also made one brand new model to go along with the XM8's...call this my own little standard upgrade...lol


2 new MP5's to replace the original GR models, 2 new MP7's and a new L85A2 (SA80) to replace GR's pretty crappy model. All will be assigned to various specialists.


And a closer look on the L82A2 model.


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