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XM8 weapons mod.


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I uploaded the mod to Snowfella today so hopefully it will be available within 24 hours! This all depends on whether Snow has not agreed to making a model, with full decks, of the Nimitz for GR since we last spoke! :blink:

I would also like to state, before the fools start PMing Snow and I, that we did not design the XM8 series. So, if you think the XM8 "sucks" or is "lame" please contact H&K first this time. :rocky:

In the meantime;










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uhh.. will Tunney get his rifle upgraded with the grenade launcher/rifle combo? :P

There is one in the British Infantry mod!

Loving the camo Lancer, very effective when I first looked I though, why is only parts of the modeling showing in game, then I was like ahhhh very cool.

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OK...Iv'e got the files and I'm going to send them rocky's way to see if he can get them hosted at fileplanet...in the meantime however I'll be hosting them myself for those of you that are to eager to get your mittens on these puppies.

Temporary download link untill we can get fileplanet hosting.

OK, looks like I missed someting in the supporters forum here...Rocky has already fixed up a fileplanet mirror. :thumbsup:

XM8 Armory V2 fileplanet link

Enjoy guys


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Here's what's happening. Click the link, go to FP. Click on correct server for my location. That takes me to the "Stand in line" deal. Finally it comes with the "Click here to download" deal. I hit it and 10-15 min. later a prompt comes up saying "unable to locate file". Tried going through Internet Explorer and MSN with no luck. I will keep trying :wall:

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Hey Snowfella, We can get a mac friendly version up on MacGamingMods.com up by tomorrow evening for all mac gamers to download from.

We do an overall quality control of the mod to make sure it runs 100% on the mac and if it doesnt we fix the small errors.

FYI - Sometimes there is more to converting a mod to run on a mac other than converting the sound files, such as file names longer than 31 characters and textures saved in the wrong format etc.

Lemme know if its ok for us to host the mac friendly version at MGM.

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