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Modded Towers

Xian Saint

Is your tower...  

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Even if mine is a booring beigh standard tower its been somewhat modded anyways. As it gets pretty hot here during summers I felt I needed more fans inside it but it just didn't have any pre-fabricated fam mounts. Well, that's nothing me trusty old power drill couldn't fix :blink:

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Plain, Beige and Proud!!!

Seriously though, to me it is simple economics:

ChiefTec Dragon mid size in beige $32 (US)

ChiefTec Dragon mid size in color, window... $70 (US)

I don't really understand the need for a side window :huh:

The desire to have cold cathode lights inside a computer :ermm:

The want of a clear UV reactive power supply cover :huh:

Fans that have LEDs :ermm:

Dashboard gauges in an empty 5.25 slot :huh:

Cigarette lighters in the same empty slots.... Well, OK I like this one!! :rolleyes:

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I'm happy with a nice looking case that provides excellent cooling. Right now, I'm using a tan-colored aluminum case by Coolermaster, model ATC-201a. It has 2 80mm intakes, 1 80mm rear exhaust, and 1 80mm top blowhole.

If I want to mod something, I'll fire up Need For Speed: Underground. ;)

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i run a cheiftec dragon full server case black with the side window, 8 LED fans and a volcano 9 coolmod , psu mod with 2 LED fans

till recently i didnt even have a beige tower it was just a frame work ugly but functional, but after finaly getting all the parts i wanted i decided to splurge and personaly i get a kick out of seeing somthing i spent so much time building look good

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Modded (like neon lights and windows)


Mine's got flashing blue cone shaped lights with integrated siren, spring mounted springy thingy's, lights that come on when it's dark, front and rear spoilers, ram bars, rear mounted foghorns, a space where you can pour in some anti-freeze for when it gets cold outside....


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Mine was a Blue Chieftec that came with a window. It was cool until I saw the wires that I hurrily installed. So months later, I had to tidy things up.

In retrospect, I would have kept it window free, and let ppl guess whats

under the hood, :shifty: then get an aluminum case. My back is not getting any younger. Then if possible, have all inputs (USB, FIREWIRE,etc) in the front. Again with the back problem. :wall:

Neon lites? ppplleezzz! give me the money to buy more blank CD-Rs. :guns: to burn more mods.

Just us folks, theres nothing impressive in it. :whistle:

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@ BlueRose,

What is a "Mac"?  Is it like a Dell or Gateway? What's it do?

*Runs before Phantm pummels my ###### into the ground*  :lol:

*off topic*

1. It looks nice on your desk (even your girlfriend would like it in the livingroom)

2. its does everything better than a WIN/PC :devil: .

(except for a nice game of Ghost Recon)

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I like 'em, I wouldn't buy one, but they look nicer than the standard fair. One of my friends built one a while back, painted it black, cut holes, made lights, hidden trays etc etc, but it is all stuck under his desk and you have to turn the lights off in the room to see the lights. :wall:

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mine's just another beige box.

if i had the money, i'd get a nice one. (none of that cheap neon light's and plastic bits though) The alienware one's are really cool.

I saw a completely clear one. The whole thing was made of thick, heavy, clear plastic. it was all held together with brass screws. Other than that an all black, all metal one would be nice...

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