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=UE=Clan Now Recruiting


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The Unknown Enemy Clan is now accepting applications for:



-Demo class

We are looking for players who like to have fun but know when to be serious. You have to be able to follow orders and commands. We don't expect you to be an expert player however, you have to be willing to accept constructive critism on occasion.

-We are primarily a Tactical Co-Op team.

-Applicants must be at least 16 years of age

-You are required to have GR patched to 1.4 with DS, IT, and Postcards from Peru version 2

-Teamspeak version 2 or later

The new =UE= Clan has been back since March 2003 and has some very good team players. We pride ourselves on our team work and are looking for like-minded individuals. Even though we take our tournaments and practices seriously, we still like to have fun too.

We have big plans for our future and if you feel that you would be an asset to make our team even better, then feel free to contact me by going to the following website :

=UE= join page


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This is not the thread for you to attempt to play catch-up. This thread was started to recruite new members. In this instance Warhawk is correct any inquires regarding the Clan or its membership should be directed toward me via PM or email.



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