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Forgot to add, since the 9500 uses the 9700pro core, you can overclock it quite a bit, gaining even more performance. Also, Rivatuner now has a software patch to turn a 9500 in a 9700. Might want to check that out.

Stinger, did you even look at the whole graphic card review on Toms? The ti4600 only beat the 9500Pro in game with small margins. But when image quality was turned up even the least (antistropic and AA) it beat the 4600 completely.

May I also note that the 9500 Tom's uses is a prototype using old 2.4 Catalyst drivers. They always seem to have a way of misleading eh? :)

I gave another link too RooK, and I am sure I will find more. And in Unreal tourney it had its ... handed to it on a silver platter. Ti4600 has been seen to OC well and could tap over a Rad9700 only card that is being tapped. Lots of tappin huh?

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Firefly, sorry.. I meant 9500Pro. Stinger called me on it. lol.

@KNM, thanks. I'm learning a lot too! :) hehe. Thing is, I have to give up a vacation in April to get this... or I go on the vacation and give this up. Tough desicions. I'm in no shape to go on a cruise (if you get what I mean) :hehe:.

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I don't know if this internet shop is a UK only company, but Dabs.com sell computer equipment at very reasnorable prices. You are paying for things at trade price, not retail, I've yet to find many things cheaper else where.

Over the last year I've brought a few things from Dabs and have always had good service and speedy delivery.

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