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System Link Play Capacity


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:D If Billy has 1 Xbox, and Two Controllers, and you can link four Xbox's together how many people can Billy play with? (A. 3)

On link play you can only play 1 person per Xbox- But you are able to hook up 16 boxes on a Hub, networking all the boxes together. Since the cost of a large hub and all the cables will run you a decent chunk of change, (and having 16 different TV's in the same vicinity) I suggest the following method. Purchase an Xbox Live stater kit, and have your friends do the same. Add them to your "Friend" list and play private games online.

All the best

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This might help you:

Linked play allows you to have up to 4 boxes to be linked.

Also it really depends on the game you are playing. Linked play allows you to have up to 4 boxes to be linked. For example if you are playing ghost recon, you can only play 2 players per box. So now if you play link play you can play up to 8 people. 2 per box.

Another example:

Also if you are playing a game like halo you can play up to 4 per box. making its limit for link play up to 16.

Hope that helped.

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