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Hey, what s going on!! NO News in soo long time, I mean I am just living for this Mod, so please give me some stuff so than I can keep me alive :wacko:  :unsure:  :D  :D  :yes:

Eager? I won't give you any information, but if Para sees it fit, someone might. Patience. And don't do anything wierd like kill youself . . . :blink:


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I tend to think that in a few weeks you will see some more stuff. That is no promise but it might happen. It depends on a lot of factors. We are making good progress and we feel very goood at our current position but that doesn't mean that we are going to back off and slow down. Or at least it shouldn't

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I tend to think that in a few weeks you will see some more stuff. That is no promise but it might happen. It depends on a lot of factors. We are making good progress and we feel very goood at our current position but that doesn't mean that we are going to back off and slow down. Or at least it shouldn't

That is no promise
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I tend to think that in a few weeks you will see some more stuff. That is no promise but it might happen. It depends on a lot of factors. We are making good progress and we feel very goood at our current position but that doesn't mean that we are going to back off and slow down. Or at least it shouldn't

That's about the best answer any of us can give you.

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While the official announcement will be made in the next couple of days, I'd like to take this late-night opportunity to sneak out a bit of news. :) DYNACOMP has entered the final stages of production. Some changes have been made along the way, which will be explained in more detail as time goes on. Production will run through about May 1st, and then the beta stage will begin. The mod will probably be released in late May or early June.

Stay tuned for more news. :)

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Official late-night news flash

:) I passed my First Responder exam today, so I'll celebrate by giving you all some news. (Rocky, take note. :) )

As I said in my last news posting, the mod is in the final stages of development. We'll have the material wrapped up by about the beginning of May, and then the beta process will begin. DonMiguel is also working on the new launcher. The old launcher was completely scrapped, due to the logistics of the way we wanted to do things. DonMiguel has designed a new launcher, which is more streamlined and friendly, both for the user and for us, the mod team. So, on to the real meat of this update. We've kept the plot, location, and players secret for many months, and, with the release of the mod imminent, it's time for us to reveal some of that.

The Campaign

The following is a tentative basic description of the campaign progression in DYNACOMP. I say tentative, because things may change between now and the mod's release. But this is what we're going with, and implementing now.

You will start out in Basic Training, as a Private in the Army. Once you complete Basic Training, you'll be eligible to move on to the 10th Mountain Division, where you'll receive some training in mountain warfare, and begin your military career. As you complete missions, you'll earn experience points for various things, which will be needed to gain promotions in rank. Once you complete the 10th Mountain Division, you'll have the option to go to Ranger School if you want, and, if you pass, go on to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Once you've attained the rank of Sergeant, you may try out for Special Forces. If you pass the selection process, you'll become a member of the 10th Special Forces Group. You will not be eligible to try out for SF, though, if you have not at least attained the rank of Sergeant.

You will play the same character throughout the campaign, and, if you're killed, you'll have to re-start the module you were on. For instance, if you're killed on the 2nd Ranger mission, you'll have to restart the Ranger module.

***How the Rank system works (tentatively)***

We have certain criteria that must be met each mission, such as number of enemy combatants killed, number of friendies killed, mission completion time, etc., which earn you experience points. Our launcher tracks your earned points, and, as you accumulate enough, you'll be promoted. The highest rank right now is Captain. You can also lose experience points, by killing your teammates, killing civilian, and other dishonorable acts. If you lose enough experience, you'll be demoted.

The Training

There will be four training units in DYNACOMP: Basic Training, Sniper School, Ranger School, and SFAS. Each school will be set up to teach you various skills that will help you succeed in our missions. For example, in Basic Training, you may learn effective movement and field-of-fire techniques, as well as the basics of proper team leadership. In Ranger School, you'll start learning about ambushes, patrolling, and movement-to-contact. In SFAS/Q-Course, you'll learn about long-range patrol, advanced movement-to-contact, and room clearing/target identification techniques. In sniper school, you'll learn the finer points of the stalk, target identification, surgical shooting, and exfiltration.

The Progression

As you progress through the campaigns and up the chain of command, new weapons and options will become available to you. You will also need to hone your skills, because completing DYNACOMP's missions requires more than killing the enemy and holding your ground. You're going to need to find clues during the missions, and, sometimes, you're going to have to go beyond the scope of your duties, if you want to see a promotion. Start practicing now, folks, because the missions that our crew have been turning out are some of the hardest, most challenging missions you'll ever see. If you've played en4cment's Direct Action, you know how tough his missions are, and it's a good place to start learning some valuable skills. Learn to know when to strike hard and fast, and when to use cunning and stealth.

The Missions

DYNACOMP's missions run the gamut, from urban assaults, to hostage-rescue, to ambushes, to large-scale warfare, to covert operations, to assassinations, and more. One mission, in particular, is completely unlike any other that I've played. You'll know the one when you get to it. :)

Because we have several guys scripting the missions in DYNACOMP, there are a wide variety of mission styles, and, to a great degree, a wide variety of 'feel' to the missions. Some missions are just hell on earth, while others are based around total stealth. If you're playing a mission by Matt, you're probably going to be hunkered down behind whatever will stop bullets, waiting for the enemy to reload (or your reinforcements to arrive) so that you can fight back. If you're playing a mission by Monkey or Nexxus, you're going to be doing alot of belly-crawling, using stealth and silence as your primary weapons. If you're playing a mission by en4cment, you're going to be praying that the patrol you just spotted goes by without seeing you, because all hell will be coming down on you if you get engaged.


If you've been around for awhile, you may remember several people from the DYNACOMP team raving about a particular mission, because, frankly, none of us could live 30 seconds, much less beat the mission. Since then, most of us have learned how to survive a bit longer, and even live through the mission. Though, I have to admit, I've never managed to do everything that can be done in the mission. This particular battle is the first mission you'll come to. I won't give any details above that, except to say that it's insanely hard, and they just get harder as they go on. It's not just due to the sheer number of enemies, either. It's because our scripters have set ambushes for you, and have used real-world tactics to give you the best fight you've seen in quite some time.


The Locale

DYNACOMP's combat phase takes place in Alaska and Russia, beginning in 2010. In DYNACOMP the Russians are our allies, fighting together with us against a common enemy. As the campaign begins, you'll be in an all out war, with more bullets flying than you've ever seen, and more people to fight than you can shake a stick (or a SAW) at. As the campaign progresses, you'll fight in small-units, and, eventually, covert operations. Future installments of DYNACOMP (possible on the GR2 engine) will explore the later phases of the DYNACOMP story.

The Story

Not so fast, there, bud. :) We'll get around to that in good time. :)

The Equipment

You'll start out with the tried-and-true M16A2, and, along the way, you'll gain access to more weapons and more gadgets. By the time you reach Special Forces (if you get there) you'll be armed with the M4 SOPMOD, and you'll have quite a few different options at your command. You'll also be outfitted in the most detailed uniforms seen yet in Ghost Recon. All of our uniforms are in high-resolution 1024x1024 detail, and most are completely hand made.

<end transmission>

Edited by Parabellum
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:ph34r: cqb say

Clean your hard drive and make room for DYNACOMP,

so you can play DYNACOMP at peak performance level.

trust me u really want to feel the full effects of this mod

it took these guys alot of time and energy to create this

for the community.

they really "out did" themselves.

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sounds pretty PHAT!!!!! really looking forward to trying this one,tho i have to admit that if the makers had an issue completing the first mission that i'm a tad intimidated by it! the rank system and different schools sound pretty cool tho...........can't wait folks

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