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Downloading America's Army....


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To download AA, or not to download AA. That is the question.

I heard alot of good stuff about AA, but as we know, it only available via download. ######. :(

So, I wanna d/l it....I had a look at the new AA expansion pack ("AA:SF" or something) download....650 MB!! Now consider that fact that I'm on 56gay. ###### again. <_<

So, should I sit here for an eternity and download AA? During the d/l process, I will have nothing else to do and will be bored out of my head....

It will probably take an eternity to download on my connection. ###### yet again. :angry:

Oh yeah, I need the link to the AA download!

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Don't know about gozilla. I always use getright. Get it at www.getright.com. It's shareware if I'm not mistaken. It does an outstanding job of downloading. It will redial (56k) if it gets disconnected and continue the download. It will also turn your computer off for you when finished if you instruct it to. I used to use the latter feature a lot when I was still on dial up as I could usually get a faster stream at night so I'd just just set it up to download those big, 8 hour files over night then I'd have a brand new download waiting for me in the morning.

AA is definitely worth the download in IMO. You should note however that the game, like the download, is not dial up friendly. It doesn't have anything for the single player other than a couple of very brief training missions. Everything else is multiplayer online. The game lags horribly even on a fast computer unless you have something faster than dial up--especially the new special forces maps which are the only ones that let you use the new Special Forces modified M4. I found the game to be totally unplayable so I quit till I got DSL. Now I'm working on my 24th honor point.

I don't mean to rain on your parade. Just would hate for you to spend all that time downloading the game only to discover that you can't play it anyway.


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Where are you mate ?,  i'll just send you the full v2.0 on a disc if you havent got it yet...  :santa:

I'm in the UK. Down in the countryside of the southwest (with the cows :rofl: )....

@Para, ok I'll try they links....unless Zebb sends it to me....

EDIT: so I'm downloading it from LX Systems....if I go offline and close the LX Download Manager box , how can I get that box (Download Manager box) to come up again next time I connect to the internet?

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Talk about weird...

I was reading posts on the AA forum asking if the gamer's community was dead (or dying) for it and many people were writing yes and that the game sucks now...

Let's see:

NEW patches

Good gameplay..(although can get VERY aggravating!)

Great graphics...


What's not to like? People are sure fickle!

I play that freakin' game when I get the chance...I'm up to honor 21 (snikt!)

But I always go back to my honey, GR.


That and it's just that damn good!!!!!


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I remember when it first came out you could get a free CD at your local recruiter...is that not the case anymore with the new Special Forces AA?

IIRC, it's about $5(ish). I'd rather download it. (Then again, I have a 1.5Mbs ADSL connection :P.)

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