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The Seawolves Tactical Assault Team (STAT), part of the SeaWolves Virtual Military are taking part in it's 3rd Online WAR. This war however will be the first time Ghost Recon will take part, as the last two wars were handled with only Rouge Spear.

STAT is currently at DEFCON 3. We are poised for deployment in March. You have time to join STAT's 4th Brigade and take part in the up comming war! :o=



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:rocky: I like the idea of the Online War against a common real base theme. Taking on the Koreans, bold move for an online war. The SeaWolves teams look pretty impressive as a whole divided up among several diferent sim base teams. I can't wait to see this STAT team made up of Rouge Spear, Ghost Recon teams handle an online war. Depending on your outcome afterwards will make a choice on whether or not to join up.

I think if you haven't check the SeaWolves out, do so they look like a great online team to be a part of!

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