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15 Gift Giving Mistakes


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"With these 15 rules in mind, you can easily avoid the worst gift-giving mistakes. You'll save time. You'll save money. And you will thank me when your credit-card bill comes in January and, thanks to this list, you haven't bought a damn thing for anyone."


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she should have read a quick guide to mens thoughts.

The lingerie trap My husband passes along this lesson learned from hard experience: Never buy lingerie for a woman unless she has ripped out the page from the Victoria's Secret catalog and circled the exact item herself. If she opens a box and sees something that looks like a black satin hanky, it just opens up a can of worms: "Why does he want me to wear that? Does he need me to look trashy? Doesn't he like me the way I am? Next thing you know he'll want me to wear a blond wig and fishnet stockings like a streetwalker!" You can go from surprise to Splitsville in five or six mental leaps. Way too expensive on sooooo many levels.

i think the aswer to her question was in the gift. lol

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