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4.2 rounds per kill


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Experimenting last night with Susan Grey, her MP5 and a ######load of determined Russians trying to sneak around the southeast shack in the Creekbed map, I discovered it takes an average of 4.2 9mm hits to kill a Russian.

The dudes with the M16s and M4s were much more effective. As were the bad guys with their 7.62x39.

Sadly, I don't have any M1911s in my kit; nor my personal favorite semi-auto, a CZ-75 in 40 S&W.

What is really needed as a sidearm is my Smith & Wesson Model 629. One shot from a 44 Magnum should be all it takes.

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cobra on hx5 is sweet, but wait behold the new and improved sarak now with added phaser and pulse rifle from star trek, (its like it fires 5 at4's at each click) so beware as i will eithger be using that or just takeing a sig 550 putting the cross hairs over your head and popping you one.

p.s. could some one make me a sig 550 mod just with that weapon as i cant use hx5 any more.



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