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Kafee Soundpack


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I've engineered and compiled a set of improved sounds effects for the [Ghost Recon]. I've mostly concentrated on the russian weapons and sniper rifles. Also many of the bullet -effects have been changed. The sounds changed are:

- grenade explosions on ground

- wound whump for both avatar and other players

- bullet effects

- AK47, AK74, AKS74U, AN94, PKM, PRK74, grenade launcher GP25 (practically all)

- Dragunov, L96, M24, M82, PSG-1 (+new reload sound for sniper rifles)

- M9 and M9-SD

- fixed too loud shell hitting on metal -sound

- tank crew scream

File is downloadable from here:

www.kolumbus.fi/samu.sinervo/Kafee Soundpack.zip

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I've updated my soundpack a little. I made new sounds for AKs, Colts, pistols, dragunov and for one explosion. Let me know what you think and how they fit in this game.

The filename remains the same so just download the file from the url stated in my previous post.

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