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The purpose of this forum

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The "General Discussion" forum is here to allow discussion about Ghost Recon in general (questions about future expansion packs, general questions about AI, tactics, team management, features of the game ... and so on).

We have a Console Versions forum where you can discuss about AI, tactics, team management, features and general questions about the Console versions of GR (XBOX, PS2, Gamecube).

We have a Technical Support forum where you can post all your questions about technical problems you are having. If you are having technical problems please use this forum as this is the place where all technical problem questions are answered.

We have a Clans and Ladders where you can ask to join a Clan or you can announce your Clan or you can discuss anything that is related to Clans or ladders and competitions.

All questions or discussions should be started in the appropriate forums, for your own convenience. If you start your thread in the appropriate forum you will get an answer a lot faster than if you simply post your questions in the General Discussion forum. Keep in mind that we will move the topics that don't belong to this forum in their appropriate place.

Enjoy the new forums!


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