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Hilarious screenie (non-GR)


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Hahaha...this is well funny....

Lemme tell you the story first.

On this mission in H&D2 singleplayer(I forget what it's called. It's in some town in former Czechoslavakia), I elimated the patrol at the barrier. Then I eliminated the 2 German who try and ambush you from the rear (near the start of the map). I take control of my machine gunner, run round the outside of the bombed out buildings and set up just behind the barrier thingy. I shoot up some Gemrnas with the machine gunner, then I switch to the sniper.

The rest of team is now under heavy fire and the rest my team are shooting left, right and centre taking down the enemies. The I see this enemy in the distance, trying to take out my team with his Karabiner 98....I lines up the sight on the scope with his head, just about to fire when....my machine gunner opens up on the German soldier. However, my machinegunner was not a very accurate shooter and his shots missed....So the German soldier, counting down his fate, throws down his gun and makes a break for the fence nearby. I think he was heading for cover.

I'm still looking through my scope....there he is! Then I'm like "######!?"....the German soldier starts to climb over the fence. He's getting away!! He's....BANG!!....dead. I shot him in the torso.

Still looking through the scope, checking the area ahead for more enemies, I notice he's impaled on the fence. So I went to have a closer look. When I saw it up close, I couldn't stop laughing....this is what I saw:



(note: pics resized for purposes of this thread. I play in 1024x768 resolution).

He got killed trying to escape. Such fate comes to those who try to escape from Nightmare....

EDIT: can you spot the bug? I just did....I changed to another guy to take the screenie. I then go closer to the corpse. My guy is highlighted in the reddish colour at the bottom. Notice it says I'm currently holding the Grenade Type 36 when I'm actually holding the M1 Carbine. Does that sometimes....says you got the weapon you previous had in your hands....

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