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what is the best kill you have ever made?

Sgt Jamie

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dunno bout best kill, but ive been in GR's ugliest firefight.

It was team sharpshooter, with hx5 and da49. the server had almost 30 people, on MBC. my team spawns in that building near the chapper crash site, the one with narrow corridors. so i turn the corner in the hall, to head for the stairs. as soon as i do, i see a opponent player. we both stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds, and then killed each other. apparently the opposing team spawned in the hall across from us. nasty firefight insued. it was a constant capaphony of "goodbye" and "lost a man", two large teams duking it out in the hallway.

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Bought the game today so naturally I haven't made that many kills yet but I made a couple of ones I'm pretty proud of.

First is on the first mission of the first campaign. I'm moving in on the tent camp objective and have positioned my teams and are ready to strike. My sniper is covering the camp from a bush between two cliffs just to the west of the camp and my support team, rifleman and mg, is covering the camp from a small hill to the nw. The plan was to suppress the baddies with these two teams while my assault team, rifleman rifleman demo, would attack from the south. Just after I gave the weapons free and advance orders I decided to launch an M203 round into the camp to warm them up a bit... BOOOM! Hit the campfire and 5 tangos got roasted... Objective completed... Was almost disappointing after all that planning... :huh:

Second was later in that same map. The assault team was moving with the colonel so I kept them back a little to keep him safe. All teams was on the second plateau and my threat indicator was pointing s and se so I assumed there would be tangos below the cliffs... I sneaked my sniper up on the ledge and had him scanning the area below... Sure enough, he spots a two man patrol sweeping the area below... I don't wan't to engage them with my lone sniper so I take control of my mg and sneaks him up beside the sniper... Then I just lay there and observe the enemies and scan for possible reinforcements.. Once I'm satisfied there aren't any other threat nearby I wait for the two to get as close as possible to each other before I open up with the SAW... BRADABAM! 5 shots at appr 75 mtrs range and they both go down!! w00t

Damn I'm really glad I bought this game!

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Some city in Cuba.

Walking across a street as a supporter and suddenly i'm getting shot at from somewhere. The street looks clear and I can't find the guy. I'm getting hit by semi shots but not getting injured so I run to cover behind a car. I'm still taking lead so it takes a while. Then I look up to find the guy in a balcony and pop him. I swear he took about 10 rounds at me. Cheap handguns :DD

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My favorite two......One time my clan was playing a wooded map on defend....and my team had all been taken down...so I took cover up behind a tree and was popping out left side "blam blam" jumping out right..."blam blam" Best use of COVER I have ever done...ducking low one time...standing the next....hearing the ping ping of shots coming at me..... VICTORY....very intense.

BUT my all time favorite "kill" was me and a buddy playing CO-OP on a Large map....we could barely see a tango DEEP.....so we laid flat...and I pulled out the binoculars and played spotter......Slowly talking my buddy into a final head shot

boom ----- That was about 3ft to the left

boom ----- Ok...over correction...move back to the right about 1ft

boom ----- HEAD SHOT...OMG!!!!.....WOO WOOO>>>>LOL


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