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H&K MP-7 PDW in use


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Could anyone who's not been in the military please stop having an opinion? Jeepers! :rolleyes:

Just because you may have been in the military doesnt give you the right to prevent others from having an opinion.

Sorry,I thought it was obvious, I was being sarcastic. (And i've never been in the military, or wanted to for that matter.) ;)

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All right Cink, I'll bite. Sure, there's Marines and Army soldiers that use Cranes, but there's many other things that point to them being navy troops in that pic.

1 - The boots many of them are wearing are almost exclusive NSW issue

2 - The ballistic vests many of them are wearing are also almost exlusive NSW

I refer to this pic


The one on the right, wearing what I'm talking about.

Now the odds that these guys are wearing and using nearly exclusive NSW gear (ie crane stock, boots, and ballistic vests) and are from another unit such as Delta are pretty slim. And, just to reinforce this point, most Delta operators working as body guards for Karzai and other officials were pulled from that job to do other work. I'm not saying these points make them DEVGRU or SEALs, but it's more likely then not.

And one more thing, regardless of the fact the half the US mililtary uses the M4, that half doesn't use the 10.5 and 11 inch M4 DEVGRU and CQBR editions that almost all of those operators are using.

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Stop the mud slinging. :angry:

I cleaned the garbage out this thread. Now keep in on topic. :yes:

Thanks ziji. And next time, I'll think before I post anything bout my personal life.

@RS Thanks for that little piece of advice. I'm pretty sure though that the vast majority of the military doesn't use 11 inch M4 Devgrus though. I don't believe everything, but many times logic dictates my mind.

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Nah, the true source of unquestionable fact is obviously the kid who can google, accept what he finds as the gospel truth regardless of the source, and then tries to pass off as his own knowledge...right?



Yep RS, that's exactly right. Hehe. Google's the greatest resource for the weekenders like me. Sorry RS, I'm just gonna stop now. You're hilarious buddy. :rocky:

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