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Crashing on reload in a custom mission?


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It usually means there is an irregularity at the time it was saved, such as actors temporarily outside the allowable area. They can be in a helicopter or teleported there in the script. Have a look at what's going on in the script at the time the save was made.

Cheers, Jack :rocky:

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Do it as the real soldiers do it, without saving. ;)

I think that function should be removed so we stop getting these feedbacks.

I agree with wolfsong is no saving I only do campaign missions if I know i have time to spare not to save. I dont like to save because I know i will be one that u save actor dies or you die quit go back to save. I think i have saved a campain mission times all three where on big missions right before i was at the extarction zone.

If u dont have time for a campaign mission i would do a quick mission.

bottom part of wolfsong's post umm no. I think saving is a good thing if your computer is freezing alot (of course that never happens to me)

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I think if there was no save function at all, frustration factor would set in for many. Remember that some people play these games for fun, not so much absolute realism. Wouldn't it be great if there was a fourth difficulty level beyond elite, perhaps called 'Realistic', where there was no save function. Then everyone would be catered for :thumbsup: GR2 perhaps?

Jack :rocky:

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'Quicksave was Successful'

followed by CTD

when loading what was claimed to be sucessful

is not a bug in your mission -- its one line of C++ the programmers didnt code. Too many late nites making those corporate milestones caused a widespread attack of amnesia at RSE, methinks.

here is the proof: there is code written detecting an invalid game state. it is logged at the time of load. why is it not branched at the time of save? to the output: Quicksave was *not* successful? would this not entirely prevent it from occuring by not writing the bogus saved game to disk?

SimHuman: Actor 109[ AI_21 (21) ]: Could not find my room for location <-58.8338, 249.245, -9.84912>

RSGameStateMgr::LoadGameFromStream( std::ifstream ) Could not read stream

I think this brings up an ethics question on the part of modders... At what point do you stop spending immense amounts of time scripting workarounds for the numerous bugs in the game and just say 'notice the steaming pile of sh**? Good... now dont step in it.'

Some turds are just too big (or too squishy ...!) to brush under the carpet. Others, you can get away with.

I dont see the quicksave thing itself as a serious design problem. If tighter code was written there would be no turds to worry about in the first place . :)

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Concurr entirely harntrox - so many (if not most) of the ctd's we see are just nonsense that could easily be avoided by proper error trapping in the game code. Why crash the entire game when, for example, the script calls for an actor to be killed but he happens to be still hidden from the game world? :wall: Perhaps not the best example as it can be easily avoided in the script, but there are many other examples which are not so obvious to the scripter.

BTW, nice use of metaphor there mate :thumbsup:

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