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ATI radeon 3.9 Driver problem with GR


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Hi i had a ATI 9000PRO before and that worked fine but now i have a ati 9600 and update to 3.8 or 3.9 drivers all i see is Green balls in the sky and Purple backround and When i fire the gun big purple Sqaures come out.

There seems to be a problem here and the only driver that plays recon on this card that i know of so far is the 3.4 drivers but they are crap...

Please Reply if you know anything about this issue or have experienced the same problems because i have never had this much trouble with a card

It locks up on 3 of my games so far, GHOST RECON , LOCK ON , CC Generals

BAd drivers?

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there seems to be general issues with cat 3.9 personaly i either use the omega drivers or the cat 3.7 tho the only issues ive had in gr seems to be funky text if i enable 4x AA and AF or higher the fonts get smudged almost

you might also want to turn of fast as this seems to cause issues with ati and offers none or little performance improvment,

i do know that phantom ran this same card and had issues with GR so if u see him around give him a yell

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I am using the new 3.9 without any problems.

My Mobo was the source of much agrivation after I built this PC a yr ago (RMA'd twice @ "down" months a pop :wall: ) but this time it is working the way I've alway wanted it too and hoped for ,,with my 9700 Pro AIW.

I won't be building another pc in the forseeable future (In my lifetime is a reality unless I win the lotery which won't happen cause I can't afford the tickets :) ) so realibility for this system is important.

I swore up and down that I would never buy another Asus board because of this problem, with my (at the time very expesive) p4pe,,, but now that she's stable and running very well (thank you) my faith has been restored in Asus.

No more compatibility issues which plagued this system from my first day :thumbsup: .

So to make a long story short,,, I wonder if the video card or the Mobo isn't a source of the problem mentioned originally in this thread.

just my 2cents!

Have a great day all and good luck

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I've got a 9800 Pro, and the 3.8/3.9s create the same effects as you described, whoa182. Tried almost every trick in the book, and still no luck. Leads me to believe that it could be a compatibility issue with my First-Generation ASUS A7N8X.

My advice:

Try the 3.7s. They run GR fine for me. :thumbsup:

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